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Taxing marriage - Combine the two incomes, then apply the total to both partners.

Taxing marriage - Combine the two incomes, then apply the total to both partners.

Next on our list of requested articles from the past, and still just as relevant today is one we wrote back in March 10, 2011.

I could not believe my eyes when I discovered that somehow the Liberal Party under Gordon Campbell had figured out a method to charge people for the sex they have between the sheets. Read on and find out how it targets the provinces poor.

Of course they hid this discreetly in a way only a few would discover it, in fact the few that it affects are those who can least afford to pay the tax.

This is no joke, stay with me on this one.

Is it because the Liberal Government thinks by doing this they can prevent low income earners from having children?

Ok its time to reveal how the Liberals pulled this one off.

Each and every person in British Columbia is required by law to pay for British Columbia Medicare. (Medical Services Plan)

Each and every person in British Columbia must declare on their income tax if they are married or living in common law.

Note those who share a home but do not have sex together are not common law and therefore the law does not apply to them.

Every person in British Columbia who earns less than 30 Thousand (before deductions*) is entitled to a discount based on the following formula. **


Adjusted Net Income Subsidy Level One Person Family of Two Family of Three or More
$0 - $22,000 100% premium assistance $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
$22,001 - $24,000 80% premium assistance $12.10 $21.80 $24.20
$24,001 - $26,000 60% premium assistance $24.20 $43.60 $48.40
$26001 - $28,000 40% premium assistance $36.30 $65.40 $72.60
$28,001 - $30,000 20% premium assistance $48.40 $87.20 $96.80
Over $30,000 Full Rate $60.50 $109.00 $121.00


As you can see from the scale above if  2 citizens of British Columbia with earnings less than $22,000 decided to live in the same house (without having sex) would continue to have all MSP benefits paid in full by the Government.

Now these two people decide to have sex, or get married and they both earned for arguments sake $21 Thousand Dollars, they would be required now to add their incomes together and together they would both be disqualified from any premium assistance.

That equals a sex tax of $1308.00 per year on the poorest people in British Columbia.

Without question the Liberal Government is aware of this, so are the people at MSP. I called the people at MSP and asked if they could confirm that this was all one big mistake however they quickly confirmed it as true, and there was not the slightest hint of shame in telling me these facts.***

Now consider adding insult to injury, the Liberal Government (MLA’s) get their MSP premiums 100% Free courtesy of the taxpayer. (Something the Liberals added as an additional fringe benefit to their already outrageously high pay)

Read the following published yesterday in Canada Free Press (Forget families, BC Liberal MLAs are putting themselves first )

* 30 Thousand before deductions could mean the person means the person could have a taxable income of just over 13 Thousand. In most cases these people are living in extreme poverty.

** This formula is based on one person, there is no formula based on the cost of living for two persons. They simply make two people appear to have the income of one person and calculate accordingly.

*** Have you every tried to call MSP?  If not give it a try if you have a few hours to spare, the system is designed to insure you never get to talk to people. We went through great lengths to discover how to get through to a representative. After getting to the MSP section on the phone call (the listed 1 800 number), first hit 2 to get MSP then just keep hitting 6 every time it gives you a menu of choices and you will end up with a real live person.

JLS ……For What It’s Worth

Original post date: 2011-03-10 21:28:45

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