Jan 122018

First let me say that since I was a kid, and that was a long time ago, I aspired to own a Nikon camera because it stood for quality. For decades I have bought and owned Nikon DLSR as well as their lenses, often costing near double that of the competition.

Now as time goes by I also bought a number of Nikon’s mini line, the Coolpix. It should really be named Fool’s pix, as a long-time photographer I thought I was having bad luck, so I bought another, then yet another and have to say even at 4 or … Read the rest

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Jan 112018

Step aside for the Holy Cyclist

In this rant I will have to admit its not only ICBC that is stupid, the problem originates from the same place most problems on earth originate, in a courtroom by a judge playing the role of the wise/est man, after all who outranks a judge in a litigation case?

As an old fart who is very picky about safe driving, and one that does not mind teaching others how to drive safely (defensive driving), you can imagine my absolute disbelief when a student failed a test because they did not do the right … Read the rest

Jan 082018

How many of you would dare to say anything about restricting cat freedoms to the inside of their homes without risking some family or friends hating you for life by suggesting it, saying anything against cats ranks somewhere near gang rape based on the reactions of some owners. Politicians would never have the guts (or brains) to try enforce laws restricting cats. Why?

Because cat owners are among the worlds most radical defenders of these feline beasts, many could make religious fanatics look tame by comparison. Even if you knew how to end world hunger, or make world peace, your … Read the rest

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