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If you find we are using something that you consider your property, please feel free to talk to us, please understand that there is a difference between those who claim to own intellectual property or images, and those that actually own them, please be prepared to prove you own copyright if your going to make that claim. We do glean some of our images from google that may have copyright protection, but we sue them for education purposes only, for the benefit of our readers.

We have in the past encounter many fake claims, by people who were actually trying to steal copyright to our content for their own use to profit from our work. Its not likely going to happen that we have other peoples content on this website, but for the record we are asking you to contact us, and if we are in error, we will remove what is not ours.

For those of you you wish to republish our articles, feel free to do so, as long as credit is given and a link back to our website. We do not allow modifications without our express consent, because it could result in changing the meaning or intent of the article.


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