Feb 142015
I am sad that this chapter of my life has come to an end, I leave with great hope that there are many out there who will continue to fight for justice. I cannot say that I will not be back, but its extremely unlikely, but I am leaving with the peace of mind that I need to let this go, and focus on thing so much more important to me. May God shine his love on all who come to this website before it times out and disa
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Jan 022015
Reflecting back on my own life and looking at how long I have supported democracy, fought for democracy and sacrificed thousands of hours all in the name of protecting and fighting for democracy, never mind the dollars spent, I find myself admitting my worst fears, namely democracy will lead to the end of life of this planet as quickly as a lynch mob would hang an innocent man. Why? Because people by nature are sel
Dec 102014
Most people would never know just in how many ways, the Catholic Church does so much good in this world, and how much they help people, even above and beyond that portion called faith. Even here in Canada, 99% of the population has no idea on how much help the RC membership is giving to those who are less privileged, including local homeless shelters and care for those who use them, as well as using their organizat
Dec 082014
How can you stand by and not shed a tear at the waste of what could have been a great productive and enjoyable life, when you watch someone living from one drunk to another, despised by society, and those who care only want to ease their own guilt by throwing band aid solutions at them, and walk away feeling good that you looked like you cared. By Jim Horne hears it everywhere he goes …drunken bum with a bul
Dec 032014
We used to have a department that concerned itself with air quality because that is what people demanded from government, however clearly it’s now become the Department of Misinformation. It fits in with everything Harper wanted for British Columbia, the compete decimation of accurate and or scientific information, and obedient employees who fear for their jobs so much so they willingly report what goverment want
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Nov 172014
Canadians pride themselves in being a democratic nation however we in reality rank as one of the worst maintained democracies in the industrialized world. Is it because we are happy with our government? Unless your part of the lunatic fringe you will know it’s because people are sick of what they are seeing, they are sick of voting for liars, they are sick of the disrespectful mudslinging, mandatory voting has be
Sep 182014
This is going to be one of my shortest posts, and I am not going to name Christy Clarks kid, because I don’t believe any kid should be responsible for their families evil deeds. We just saw a very unnecessary long drawn out strike, and at the end of it we had Christy posing with a big smile suggesting to all of us the effort was worthwhile. Really Christy? Then why did you not make this offer back at the end of t
Sep 012014
Canadians better wake up as see that they are being played by government who is simply following the marching orders of industry. If you think were living in a democracy, keep the dream alive because if you ever wake up you won’t be happy. How many times have you heard the sales pitch we need more industry to pay for all our bills, and if they are not selling you that story they are telling you we need more immig
Aug 222014
To suggest the debate between Israel and that of Palestine is far too complex for most people to understand is the most powerful and successful deception being practiced by Israel and its supporters. Having said that … I DON’T WANT ANYONE TO MISUDERTAND THAT I DISLIKE OR HATE JEWS … some of the best people in the world are Jews, some of them are even Israelis. Born and raised to be a Christian, I admit I migh
Aug 132014
Like most people in BC, just when you thought the BC Liberals have hit the bottom of the barrel for yet another stupid stunt, the come up with a new one that will blow your minds. I got over paying for and seeing how much of my taxes go to funding schools, I told myself that living with educated kids is so much nicer than living with stupid kids, then along comes Christy Clark’s  Liberals with yet another st
Aug 052014
This year marks the year when I join the ranks of those who are 60 and plus, also known as senior citizens, so today is a day of reflection. Too bad instead of feeling like congratulations, our government has moved that up to 65 because they want more of us to die before we hit retirement age. Most of my life, when the daily hustle and bustle of life drags me down, I go for a walk with my dogs in the forest. It giv
Jul 232014
For years now we have watched right wing fanatics (Liberals and Conservatives) dismantle everything that used to be owned and operated by the taxpayers. All of this in the name of saving the taxpayers money. I wonder how many people noticed a parallel between those who scooped up these publicly owned entities, and who funds those that put government assets up for sale? Many years ago I heard a quote, I am sure you
Jul 212014
Let me quote from the Globe and Mail. “In the letter, the government offers the Gitxsan about $12-million, plus a signing bonus of over $2-million, if it will allow two pipelines to cross territorial lands. “The offer takes into consideration the Westcoast Connector Gas Transmission Project and the Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project,” states the letter from Laurel Nash, chief negotiator for the lands bran
Jul 132014
Social media is a great way for the public to show their support for or against what they believe contravene their ideologies or moral standards. Sadly it is no match for paid organized manipulation as per what we are witnessing today on Facebook in regards to Israel’s massacre in Gaza. Thousands of paid students and volunteers are working 24 hours a day, around the clock and posting what at first appears like th
Jul 112014
First I have to confess as a parent I am somewhat in a position of conflict on this one as I have two children who have aboriginal status, but as a parent it also gives reason for grave concern, so it’s fair to say I have a vested interest in the outcome of this historic decision. But enough about me, it’s about each and every one of you First Nations and Canadians alike. Seriously attacking your core support i
Apr 222014
Recently the Frazer institute did its annual evaluation of schools, both private and public throughout the province, and it does not comes as a shock that this information was picked up by some outlets of Black Press in particular the Interior News, which often comes out speaking as a mouthpiece for the corporate agenda. More staggering is the suggestion by writer Marisca Bakker that the information should not be d
Apr 212014
When you read up on Kitimat, one of the first things that is brought to your attention is its rich history, in particular the history of the people who live in Kitamaat Village, the original people of Kitimat. The Kitamaat Village is the primary residence of the Haisla First Nation, is located 11 km south of Kitimat on the east side of the harbor. When you read the press today, the vote on Enbridge makes it sound l
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Mar 202014
Have you been one of those who were wondering what happened to me for lack of articles since 2013? The truth is I have been doing a lot of research, a lot of organizational work, and rebuilding a few websites aside from this one, as well as trying to label 10 years of photography, before I get to old to recall what each photo was about. Before I start I want to suggest this issue is one that every province and te
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Dec 212013
Here we were in the middle of countdown to Christmas and without a shadow of doubt the NEB ruined Christmas for everyone other than the shareholders of stock involved with the production and sale of bitumen. Admittedly we all knew the NEB has never said no to a project yet, so why were we expecting anything different? I have to say it’s not often I see  grown men cry, but that’s exactly what happened on that d
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Dec 032013
Our provincial lying Liberals want to tout LNG as the clean way to save the world[i]. First they plan to permanently destroy one of the largest farming areas of our province to get electricity[ii]. They say that it’s a better alternative than burning LNG to create hydro, because burning it will create so much pollution BC will not meet its carbon emmisions targets as promised. However a single LNG plant can requi
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