Jan 122018

First let me say that since I was a kid, and that was a long time ago, I aspired to own a Nikon camera because it stood for quality. For decades I have bought and owned Nikon DLSR as well as their lenses, often costing near double that of the competition.

Now as time goes by I also bought a number of Nikon’s mini line, the Coolpix. It should really be named Fool’s pix, as a long-time photographer I thought I was having bad luck, so I bought another, then yet another and have to say even at 4 or … Read the rest

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Jan 112018

Step aside for the Holy Cyclist

In this rant I will have to admit its not only ICBC that is stupid, the problem originates from the same place most problems on earth originate, in a courtroom by a judge playing the role of the wise/est man, after all who outranks a judge in a litigation case?

As an old fart who is very picky about safe driving, and one that does not mind teaching others how to drive safely (defensive driving), you can imagine my absolute disbelief when a student failed a test because they did not do the right … Read the rest

Jan 082018

How many of you would dare to say anything about restricting cat freedoms to the inside of their homes without risking some family or friends hating you for life by suggesting it, saying anything against cats ranks somewhere near gang rape based on the reactions of some owners. Politicians would never have the guts (or brains) to try enforce laws restricting cats. Why?

Because cat owners are among the worlds most radical defenders of these feline beasts, many could make religious fanatics look tame by comparison. Even if you knew how to end world hunger, or make world peace, your … Read the rest

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Oct 072017

I used to buy a lot on Ebay, often I would spend more there than in local stores, only to find repeatedly Ebay supported crooks that have high sales, because its more profitable to scam people than be honest with them.

I have often thought about making a list of all their dirty trick and deals, but ended up thinking Ebay isn’t worth that much time.

Today’s rant is about how Ebay helps liars deal with how long you have to wait to get your order before you can file a claim for money back. It used to be waiting … Read the rest

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Aug 272017

Hey guys and gals, in the spirit of fishing (yes its on right now) the river is once again filling up with both salmon and those folks who love eating salmon. I am not going to get into the politics of fishing in this post other than to take a swipe at the jackasses who are destroying our rivers, and our salmon and stealhead.

Part of the problem is hidden in a money making gimmick, that gimmick is dividing those who love fishing into two groups, those who fish for food (100% aboriginal) and those of us just entertaining ourselves … Read the rest

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Aug 262017

Yes, I love food, music and many other things aside from politics, I hate politics, its a necessary evil, food is the opposite, its both necessary and extremely delightful.

Well nostalgia buffs my pallet says this is a perfect replication of the old drive in Dog n Suds and their famous coney dogs, I have been craving these for years, like about 40 plus years and I am sure this is the recipe, you try it, let your taste buds decide.


2 pounds ground beef

1/2 cup chopped onion

1 1/2 cups ketchup

1/4 cup white sugar

1/4 cup

Read the rest
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Aug 122017

Reading recently about how Vancouver police intend to take this noise seriously, yeah right! What a joke “a ticket of $109, plus three points.”  Its easier to get busted for having a tiny dog on your lap than it is to see one of thousands of bikes and trucks busted, not only are they too loud, but they make an added effort to be even louder.

Police? Do they have shares in LOUD mufflers?

Is it a prerequisite for police to be deaf, dumb and blind when it comes to these perpetrators?

When you talk to these bikers they pass … Read the rest

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Aug 032017

I recall the days when gay meant happy had nothing to do with peoples gender, and racism was defined as “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.”

George Orwell in his book “Animal Farm” had his own way of expressing racism.

As soon as the animals have expelled the humans, the dream of equality on Animal Farm begins to crumble.  At first, it is decreed that all animals are equal.  The animals make commandments to enforce this idea.  However, soon the pigs begin to rewrite history.  Read the rest

Feb 242017

For the most part I am really not a cellphone addict or even much of a cellphone user, but it seemed to me that while I am in the Philippines it would make more sense to support the local economy, and buy local so to speak. I did learn that this more affordable cellphone is very popular here in the Philippines, however after buying one for a local citizen I was shocked to learn it comes with a non stop set of full screen advertising.

More puzzling was that these ads were not targeting China, or the USA, but these … Read the rest

Dec 172016

The article below were attributed to a viral internet post by Mark Lopez (We make no claim to copyright)

Since July 1, the PNP has implemented ‘Oplan Tokhang’ and ‘Oplan Double Barrel’ as its ground components of the Duterte Administration’s campaign against drug abuse.

In 6 months, here are the numbers:

5,128,569 houses were visited.
38,193 raids or operations conducted,

Total number of drug users/pushers/gang members involved at 951,278 or about a MILLION drug-addled Filipinos.

Broken down further, the numbers are:

40,932 who were ARRESTED and are ALIVE
2,102 who were KILLED.

Repeat, out of the … Read the rest

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