The Truth about Kevin Annett and Aboriginal Abuse

The following article brought back by popular request, it was originally posted on this website in February 18th 2013. We have made some minor updates for clarification purposes, but we feel the content is still as relevant today as it was in 2013


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Iglesia Ni Cristo aka INC

The following article is from our old archives, it was originally posted in 2011-02-03 it became our most read article of all time. Considering what is happening today, how the family (the owners of this corporation) are fighting, if not for the love of money, fighting over power and control. I even got death threats from some of their members for writing it. Some of the reference links may no longer work as we have no control over them.

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The Great Canadian Gas Scam

Saudi Arabia sells oil to Canada’s east coast for a bit less than 80 dollars a barrel the average price at the pump is around $1.13 .

Alberta’s oil is selling for under 15 dollars a barrel, yet Canadians pay over $1.40 a liter for gas at the pump. Its not about Alberta’s crude, it’s about how Canadians are being screwed. Plus, they want us to buy them a pipeline, so they can charge even more for their bitumen.

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Pedestrian Uncommon Sense

Most of us have a tendency to muse about why people do things than make no logical sense, and so it was for me this morning when I once again note how many people walk alongside the roadway, when there is a perfectly good, well maintained sidewalk on the other side of the street.

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Stupid Dog Owners

Dog owners that think their bag of dogshit is a Christmas ornament

One of the most important parts of my day is taking my dogs for a walk, mostly it’s one of my favorite parts of the day.

Until some idiot….

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My first rant as I return from retirement

My age might be showing here when I make the following comments, or maybe it depends on you the reader is, if you relate.

What the hell is going on in today’s society? Do we need glass bubbles for everyone living on our planet? Have we reached the point in history, where we have to fabricate what went on in our nation before we were born. When did we become so indoctrinated with political correctness?

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Yes, the JLS Report is back.

For those of you who enjoyed our views about life from all angles, with a no holds barred journalism, well we are back. This is the third time JLS has made a comeback, in part by requests have come back out of retirement to share more.

Rather than to dig out all our old articles, we decided to do a fresh start, and if people ask, we do have copies of our old articles and can repost them in a section called archives vault.

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