Sep 162016

“JLS – Reporting from overseas”


Unless you turn off the TV, close your internet account, it’s nearly impossible as a foreigner living in the Philippines not to be exposed to this conversation. I was going to use the word debate, however it’s really not a debate at all.

In a very clever move by someone who herself is being questioned for her involvement in the drug trade, Leila de Lima was given the go ahead to investigate “present or current” extra judicial killings, however she has turned this into a review of an already investigated review of the … Read the rest

Aug 242016

“JLS – Reporting from overseas”

When you hear the USA, United Nations, and Amnesty International all ganging up on Duterte, you might think that Duterte ranks among the world’s most violent dictators. All 3 of these who stand in accusation, really cannot duck behind ignorance as an excuse, at very least they are somewhat complicit in having created the drug haven the Philippines has become.

The Hilton Hotel of the drug trade.

The Hilton Hotel of the drug trade.

It’s time the world spent more time watching those who speak the truth, than those who are out there trying to protect their drug investments in the Philippines.… Read the rest

Aug 202016

“JLS – Reporting from overseas”

I really did not want to get involved in speaking on the current state of affairs in the Philippines, but for the love of justice, and love of country, and because of interference from outside of the Philippines by way of the United Nations and the United States of America, I feel obligated to speak up.

Most likely cause of death was his supplier's fear of getting caught by police.

Most likely cause of death was his supplier’s fear of getting caught by police.

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.
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Aug 142016

“JLS – Reporting from overseas”


Crazy title right? Well it is my intention to draw your attention first of all to the fact many humans, citizens of the Philippines, get treated much worse than most dogs in the western or so called first world countries, so keep that in mind as I share my feelings with you about what I see here in the Philippines.

Walking, I don’t know about all of you readers, but I am at that age where I have to walk in order to keep my heart healthy and keep my blood circulating, and in doing … Read the rest

Jul 222016


OK today its rant time, how many of you use Google as a search engine, only to get sucked into websites, some who won’t even allow you the use of your back key to return to your search?

Then you have that horrid website called Pinintrest that’s a glorified cash cow for its owners, and the public gets sucked into its vortex every time you look for something online.

Facebook is loaded with clickbait, websites that appear to have something of interest, but all you find is a page loaded full of commercials to make its owners rich. They get … Read the rest

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Jul 202016

As we age some of us become complacent, and fall into a routine that could be called a rut, then something or someone comes along and you have no choice but to rebuild life all over again, so what better way to do that then fly halfway around the world, and leave the old life behind?

We flew halfway around the world to discover a whole new perspective on problems, issues and excitement, so over the next 2 to 3 years, yes we plan to stay that long, you will be reading more stories as seen through my eyes about … Read the rest

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Apr 182016

Recently I have been reading about a group of mayors who think the answer to municipal problems is collecting on the carbon tax. What a bunch of ignorant and self-centered fools. Are you forgetting or is it by design and intent that northern communities have the least chance of ever seeing transit as an alternative means of transportation, they already pay the highest food prices, with the worst selection for quality. toon

Adding insult to injury is the stupid majors in the north that support such idiocy, just because they can ride a bike to the majors office, does not mean … Read the rest

Mar 252016


If it look s like I have been quite for a while its due to some major shifts in what’s going on ibn my life, and a case of writers block because of other priorities. I will be going on a possible 3 year hiatus or vacation, but will post the occasional article from abroad.

So bear with me if there is no new content for a while.

Hopefully I will get a chance down the road to write some articles from abroad, if not then I was having way to much fun to be online.

Thanks for having taken Read the rest

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Mar 062016
Lets say goodbye to Smuckers, and keep our local grown foods.

Lets say goodbye to Smuckers, and keep our local grown foods.

This is just a short rant about a memory of precious days gone by, I recall getting a gift pack of a very great set of homemade jams, wow were they ever delicious, then along came Mr. Corporate Takeover and riding a great reputation, ran it into the dirt of junk jams.

Can you imagine they used to make apple butter that came from trees that Johnny Appleseed. Like all good things the J. M. Smucker Company got too big for its boots, and became more focused on making … Read the rest

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Feb 142016

OIL and Gold do mix in Canada

I am not often in the position of making predictions, unless a birdie told me something in my ear, and when it comes to issues like this I wish I was wrong, but know I won’t be.

Once again we are being scammed out of billions of Loonies by high rolling thieves that never did an honest day’s work in their lives.

What Canadians are missing is that due to our low dollar, Canada Oil production is I a unique position and is able to continue competing in the market, it’s not bad … Read the rest

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