Alberta’s Crude Racism is Out of Control

There was a time when making racist remarks was considered too disgusting for anyone, particularly for those in the press to say or print, but clearly things have changed.

The man, who stepped aside to let Steven Harper have his seat in his riding, seems to be above the law, with Prime Minster Steven Harper’s permission and blessings.

This is not the first time there has been a blatant attack on First Nations, the scumbag Gordon Campbell who is now Canada’s ambassador to England, actually tried to have a referendum in British Columbia to extinguish the rights of First Nations. First Nations have every right in the world to look at “Euro-Canadians” as lying thieves. This idea of Gordon’s was shot down because it was deemed as illegal racism.

Look at how our Prime Minister rewards “Euro-Canadians” for the crimes they tried to pull off on their own people.

For Steven Harper to align himself with Ezra Levant should not be a surprise either, not only does he owe Ezra, but like Ezra, Harper himself owes the “bitumen addicts” for getting him elected, and where he is today. Harper himself is the son of a oil executive, oil is the families heritage.

Ezra Levant is Jewish, and every time anyone suggests or uses words like “genocide” or “hate crimes” this guy goes off the deep end claiming only Jews have the rights to the usage of those words. He will then go on a rampage about how Jews are the victims here, not anyone else.

Ezra tells the most noxious stories about First Nations people on live television, he makes a shame of the truth, and attempts to make people hate Indians, that is a hate crime, and when it’s brought to his attention by anyone, he dives behind “I am a Jew” I am the victim here!

Well enough about this idiot for now, the real problem is that Alberta, the ministers of Alberta provincially, and the ministers from Alberta Federally and inclusive of Prime Minister Steven Harper, actually love using quotes from the racist bastard. Pardon my language, but there is no other way to describe Ezra Levant, but then Ezra called every Canadian who opposes the oil pipeline a “rub a dub vagabond.”

For Harper to proceed telling China and the oil barons of Alberta that the Northern Gateway Pipeline will proceed prior to the conclusion of the NEB Hearings, and for the Conservatives to have been caught saying they have the National Energy Board in their pocket is blatantly racist in light of Ottawa’s obligation to First Nations based on the last Supreme Court decision.

It is racist because our (Alberta’s) Prime Minister refuses to do what is obligated of him, namely that he is to respect and negotiate First Nations rights to their lands. The only thing Harper has done to date is insult First Nations by ignoring “his” responsibility to settle land claims.

It is racist when you pillage the land you do not own, you sell off all the resources, then in the end when land claims are settled you are going to give back baron and poisoned land.

Newspaper after newspaper, The Edmonton Journal, the Calgary Herald, the Vancouver Sun, a whole list of newspapers republishing identical stories by the same authors from Alberta, all ignoring or downplaying First Nations rights.

These same newspapers made a big stink about funds given by Enbridge to First Nations groups, which made it look like they took bribe money, and are holding out for more.

That is a crime of hate, it’s founded on racism, and they had every opportunity to tell the truth, but did not.

The funding was part of an Enbridge contribution to insure there were funds to study the project, it was so Enbridge could make the claim they fulfilled their role to gain the right to put in the pipeline, it had nothing to do with a gift of cash.

So why did these papers tell a much different story? They did so to create an atmosphere of hatred between non-native communities and native communities who have been getting closer, due to the issue of the pipeline. These are actions of intent to create hate; they wanted to break the bonds that are growing between aboriginals and non-aboriginals.

These newspapers love using quotes they got from Ezra Levant, trying to make it look like First Nations are in it for more money, that’s a hate crime, these remarks are not based on facts, and they are based on manipulating people’s minds to hatred for First Nations.

They also ran stories that 50% of First Nations are signed on with Enbridge, in an all-out effort to try to create hatred amongst the ranks, to create distrust and fear. These are crimes of hate, but who will hold them accountable? There is no evidence to date that Enbridge has signed on any more than they have declared, however the stories keep appearing in the headlines created by the same writers over and over again. Again these are written and published for only one reason, to create hate.

These same racist writers keep talking about the funding First Nations are getting from outside of Canada, they talk about it as though First Nations are rolling around in cash, when the fact is they are not, these stories are also written with one objective, they are trying to create hatred towards First Nations.

That despicable character Ezra Levant created a big stink over the NEB providing money to First Nations and he made it appear to viewers on live television that these Indians were able to go on this massive spending spree at the tax payers’ expense. He used the opportunity to tell the public they used it to pay for their protest rally. Left unsaid is that there was not enough money there to do proper assessments that could provide the evidence needed to prove that the damage outweighs the benefits of the project, but they did use it for that purpose.

This is racism and a hate crime in progress. Monsters like Ezra will never tell you that the money was designated to do studies into the effect the pipeline will have on their community, when half of your people are living below the line of poverty, how is it possible to fund a study?

Look at the First Nations living in the waters downstream of the Athabasca Tarsands, how many of you have read or heard their testimony about how they are dying of cancer three times the rate of all other Canadian’s, this verified by a doctor living there. Then you have Alberta saying there is nothing wrong with the water. That is what, a crime of compassion?

There is so much independent evidence out there that things are going so horribly wrong for First Nations in particular that they may have to evacuate their own lands due to the toxic conditions Alberta has created for them. Is that a crime of compassion?

Alberta, and all the ministers who come from Alberta, are guilty of dereliction of duty, their motive is Tarsands money, and their actions spell racism. They could care enough to tell the truth about what is really going on in Northern Alberta, but the smell of bitumen is too much to resist.

One thing is for sure, that the First Nation’s living in Northern Alberta have a lot on common with the Palestinians, maybe Ezra Levant is right about something else in Canada, namely if you’re not Jewish the rules for crimes of hate do not apply. Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot, where Euro-Canadians being treated the way Canadian-Indians are, or imagine if Euro-Canadians were despised by the Jewish Community.

Would we have the laws amended to actually work?

Ezra Levant does get away with his treatment of Muslims, just as he gets away with his treatment of First Nations, and does it all in the name of free speech. Does this not remind you of someone called Ernst Zundel who got away with similar tactics used by Ezra Levant?

These hate crimes are all committed out of the must vile desire to take what does not belong to you, and sell it so you can hide anywhere in the world with the money, without having to live in the conditions you caused to happen.

Harper has sold out Canada, Canada will lose much more than we ever will gain from the Tarsands, it is only the Oil Barons who will get rich, and the 10 Billion they talk about will never enter the pockets of the public.

It almost goes without saying, that we cannot allow bitumen into the drinking waters of British Columbia, it won’t just be Canadian-Indians who will suffer higher cancer rates from it, everyone, even Euro-Canadians will suffer if they stay. The entire food chain will be destroyed; well maybe China will feed us. You think?

The problem starts at the top with Steven Harper, what do you expect from anyone lower on the ladder? There is a saying, sewer only runs downhill, and folks we are up to our necks and drowning in their crap, it’s time to say enough is enough.

It is time to put Alberta in its proper place, and its time they stop telling the rest of Canada that what is good for their pocket books is also good for ours, because it is an outrages lie, bitumen is not only bad for Canada, it is bad for the entire world.

These hate mongers would like all Canadians to think the Indians want everyone else off their land, but nothing could be further from the truth, they wish to share the land with us, because they believe land cannot be owned, but we can walk on it together in peace.

These hate mongers don’t want to share the wealth they take away from the Canadians who own the minerals, the oil, the trees the fish.

Look around you and see just how much you own as a Canadian, nothing, instead of gaining wealth, poverty is on the rise all across Canada, except for the rich, they are getting richer faster than ever before. With every barrel pumped out of Canada, the average Canadians lost more of their spending power, and are getting less and less for each dollar earned.

I would like to close with the words of a Canadian Indian Chief, “Have you ever heard of any Indian Band in Canada saying no to immigrants living on their land?” “We have a history, a history of sharing our homes, our food our water, and nothing about us has changed.”

We cannot allow this hate mongering to affect the way we the people treat each other, regardless of race, religion or creed.


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One Response to Alberta’s Crude Racism is Out of Control

  1. Gloria says:

    Well over 80% of the BC citizens are supporting the F.N. People. Not once did any of those greedy s.o.b’s, even mentioned destroying the F.N. food sources. What in the hell do they do, when their lands are polluted and there is no big game for them to hunt? Salmon is also a staple for the F.N. However as usual, the greedy government have permitted, filthy diseased fish farms to kill off the wild salmon. Bears, eagles, wolves and many species, depend on the salmon for food. But, that doesn’t matter, greed comes first.

    Unlike Alberta, Harper and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, BC citizens stand up for the F.N. People. Deliberately threatening the F.N. food sources, is a crime against humanity. They need their food sources, to feed their family’s. Harper’s negligence of the F.N. in Northern Ontario, is a crime against humanity too. Many of the F.N. settlements, live worse than people do, in third world country’s. In Canada there is no damned excuse for that, except Harper’s greed.

    Harper and Campbell worked as fast as they could, to dismantle BC, before Campbell got the boot. That dirty duo, has done enough to the F.N. and to all of us.

    There were three freighters caught in the legendary storms off BC’s coast. The storm tore the cargo off the ships and into the sea. There were 40 to 50 foot waves. The ships limped back to BC harbors. No damned way, are we going to allow dirty oil tankers in our coastal water. The F.N. also depend on the sea, to help feed their people.

    Harper, Alberta, China and the sleazy Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, can go straight to hell. Leave our BC province alone. We have had enough stolen from us.

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