Enbridge & China the leak that’s bigger than Oil

Most people today look at Harper’s monopoly of Parliament Hill as a means to the end for the oil barons in Alberta. But a much bigger leak than oil seems to be trickling out.

There is only one thing more disturbing about the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Project than the environmental damage it will cause, that being the level of corruption, lies and deceit are being used by China inside Canada with permission and the assistance of Prime Minister Steven Harper.

Does Harper even care about Canada?

Bear with me as I will save the best (or worst) for last, and then ask yourself, should the pipelines in Canada receive an immediate kill order from parliament? Should we be examining a method by which impeachment of a prime minister is justified or possible in Canada?

So far all opposition to the project seems to have been met with proclamations of  curbing free speech, as we saw recently in an article called Ottawa’s new anti-terrorism strategy lists eco-extremists as threats - The Globe and Mail.

Very little attention has been given to the role of China Institute - University of Alberta in all of this, but if you look deep enough there are lots of connections between what is going on now and the China Institute. There does seem to be evidence that this university is being used as a front to promote China’s best interests and it is also collaborated by the next quote.

Let me quote from this article.

“To me, it has to be an objective: the need to renew the relationship at the highest level,” said Mr. Houlden, now director of the China Institute at the University of Alberta. “I think it shows a comfort with the China file that might not have been there before.”

I am sure there are many skeletons in the closet, but it would be fair to say that when you get your funds from the Pied Piper, you also have to give back in return, and this article shows Mr. Houlden doing exactly that in Alberta oil magazine called Alberta Oil.

More interesting is how Canada could support the overthrow of the regimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, the Taliban or even Canada’s position against North Korea with the pretext of protecting the world from dictators. After leaving most of those nations with our so called imposed democracy we leave with their oil.

So how does that explain our latest love affair with China?

Why are we talking with China like it was our next door neighbor and talking about a free trade agreement. Why are we not talking about China’s abuse of Tibet? From that article we read.

“At least 19 Tibetans have set fire to themselves in the past year to protest what they see as a lack of rights under Chinese rule, leading Beijing to impose virtual martial law, according to residents and exiled groups.”


On Tuesday Feb 7th 2012, Chinese government ordered the shooting of unarmed Tibetan protesters in China’s Sichuan Province on the first and second day of the Chinese Lunar New Year.

Ottawa keeps repeating the importance of Canada’s role in using military force to impose democracy, so how do we justify what Ottawa is doing by allowing China such freedom to operate inside of Canada, including lobbying for the oil industry.

Not long ago we read an article about how CSIS warned Ottawa of Beijing media plot, and this brings us to our next topic. The CSIS warning was never about the environmental movement; it was about a much more serious problem.

Maybe CSIS should be looking at the activities of Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd, or maybe that is who they were referring to.

Quote from the Ottawa Citizen

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., headquartered in the Special Economic Zone of Shenzhen in the Chinese province of Guangdong. Huawei has more than 120 staff at its gleaming new Canada Research & Development Centre in Ottawa, a head office in Markham, branch offices in Montreal and Edmonton and partnerships with the University of Ottawa and Carleton University. It plans to double its Ottawa staff in the next year.

This is really disturbing information where it become clear that China has infiltrated Canada and is working on Canadian soil.

This same group according to the Ottawa Citizen is under investigation by the U.S. State Department on charges of sanctions-busting in Iran.

Is it any surprise that the Americans have been tightening up their borders while Canada was making claims it is tightening up on our own security. Based on the following quote from the same article I don’t think so. The following is a quote from US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

“Huawei is an aggressive, high performance and at least nominally private corporation. Its 100,000 workers are some of the brightest in the business. Huawei has about 400 employees in Canada and they have not been helped by suspicions in the U.S. that Huawei is a conduit for Chinese espionage. Neither has it helped that Huawei president Ren Zhengfei is a former People’s Liberation Army major and Communist Party loyalist. Huawei’s global branch bosses have made gallant efforts to allay everyone’s concerns.”

Harper did not know that the same company he is doing business with Sinopec is also doing business with Iran, yes it’s as big as the deal with Canada, 6.5 Billion Dollars and yes this is same Iran the US recently put an embargo on in terms of oil exports.

This is the same Iran that Canada will send our military to if the US leads an invasion into Iran under the same premise the US invaded Iraq, namely the infamous non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction.

But this deal with China is ok, Canada needs to offset China just long enough to allow the US to attack Iran, and again in the name of democracy, not oil, but while the Americans are there why not take the oil right? The war will be fought over providing democracy again, and protecting ourselves from those evil weapons of mass destruction.

The oil just happens to be a fringe benefit.

This way the US gets nice clean oil and China will pollute the world with no consequence with dirty Tarsands oil, and I mean dirty! It is so dirty it should be illegal to process it.

So what does this say about Harper’s love affair with China? Are we buying billion dollar jets to impose democracy on China as well? Not a chance, as long as they pay for Alberta’s (not Canada’s) oil.

Is Harper selling out our rights as Canadians? Well read the following excerpt from the Ottawa Citizen.


“Against the advice of intelligence experts, the federal cabinet approved amendments to the Investment Canada Act in September 2009 that hollowed out “national security” defences against foreign power takeovers and investment intrigues. In the run-up to the amendments, David Emerson, Canada’s trade minister at the time and now a major China investment adviser, was in China, telling everybody not to worry. By the time regulations were gazetted in Ottawa they didn’t even contain a minimum regulatory explanation of what the words “national security” mean.”


“In the wake of the amendments, Beijing’s state-owned corporations high-geared their acquisitions program in Canada’s energy sector, especially the Alberta oilsands. In April, 2010, Beijing’s own Sinopec obtained a veto over whether any stepped-up bitumen production by the oilsands giant Syncrude would be upgraded and refined in the U.S. and Canada, or shipped offshore instead.


“Less than a week later, Huawei Technologies, aided by a $6.5 million grant from the Ontario government, officially opened its Canada R&D Centre in Ottawa. Huawei declared: “Research is global in nature and will be applied to all markets that Huawei serves (not just Canada).” A small problem: All global markets for Huawei include Iran.”

Now back to this so called good corporate citizen, this upstanding Canadian company called Enbridge. Did you get their glossy brochure in your mail? Telling you just how responsible they are, and that the pipeline will be great for both you and your children?

Well my eyes have to go back to this same article in the Ottawa Citizen, so the partner and shareholder of this much touted great corporate citizen is none other than Sinopec, and Steven Harper is cozying up to them like they were the best thing since the invention of sliced bread.

“After Sinopec let it be known that it was behind the proposed $6-billion Enbridge Inc. pipeline from Alberta to awaiting supertankers at Kitimat, Prime Minister Harper quietly reversed a long-standing Conservative pledge to oppose shipping bitumen offshore. The prime minister is now calling Sinopec’s big Enbridge bitumen tube a project that’s vital to Canada’s national interests. After all, China is the future. A big problem: In Washington, Sinopec is not discussed in such flattering language.”

So here we are and we now know that the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Project is actually China’s Sinopec’s Project and Prime Minster Steven Harper is in on it, no wonder he won’t listen to the voice of reason, no wonder he is ignoring what Canadians and the rest of the world is saying about proceeding with such an environmentally dangerous project.

One final quote from the Ottawa Citizen.

Even before President Obama signed his new hardball executive order last Sunday, Sinopec was already at the corkline of the U.S. sanctions dragnet. It was under the older, looser rules that Sinopec’s own Iranian oil buyer Zhuhai Zhenrong was busted last month after getting caught selling gasoline worth more than $500 million back into Iran.

Now that is a partner company Canada is proud to be doing business with. Well that is if you’re a Conservative from Alberta, the rest of us Canadians are stuck with living in shame to explain ourselves to the rest of the world.

Before I go, I want to bring back the questions I first asked.

Should the pipelines in Canada receive an immediate kill order from parliament?

Or should we be examining a method by which impeachment of a prime minister is justified or possible in Canada?

Canadians need to face reality, they need to face the facts, we have a Prime Minister who has completely walked away from what Canada and Canadians represent.

This is a big oils “Coup’ de Ta” of our Canadian Parliament.

Please write Terry Glavin, at the Ottawa Citizen and thank him for adding his name to Steven Harper’s terrorist list, by daring to tell some truth about what our Prime Minister does not want you to know.


Primary referenced article by Terry Glavin



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  2. If Steven Harper is not listening to Canadians ,Then it is time to boot him(Steven Harper) out of Office sooner that wait for the next election.I am a first Nation and I live on the west coast of British Columbia,All First Nations rely on sea food to servive,Becuase living on welfare is not enough,

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