Important Environmental Concerns

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Important Environmental Concerns

These are links to very urgent environmental issues in British Columbia, we will also put these in three groups, one the older but still very important reads, and on top we will post new articles as they come out.

Note we have a separate section for the Enbridge project.

At the bottom of  section is for important websites. If we are missing any, please please send us a note! We are human and may have missed even the obvious ones we should not have.

Please use the “Contact Us” and let us know of any links you feel we should have, and we will do our best to add them as quickly as possible.

June 22nd 2011 Environmentalists ask court to protect caribou from oilsands development (Oilsands-Caribou-Cour) | Oilweek Magazine

June 22nd 2011 May wants Environment Canada job cuts reversed - Politics - CBC News

June 22nd 2011 Oilsands gridlock worries Liepert

June 22nd 2011 OVERNIGHT ENERGY: Oil sands pipeline bill poised to advance - The Hill’s E2-Wire

June 22nd 2011 Conservative MEPs to revolt against the coalition’s environment policies - Telegraph

June 21st 2011 Future access to markets biggest threat to Alberta’s energy industry: Liepert

June 21st 2011 Oceans on brink of catastrophe

June 21st 2011 State Of The Ocean: ‘Shocking’ Report Warns Of Mass Extinction From Current Rate Of Marine Distress

June 20th 2011 Who Left the Door Open? - alexandra morton

June 20th 2011 This is one issue YOU can fix | Gordon F D Wilson

June 19th 2011 Environment: Gulf dead zone could be the largest ever « Summit County Citizens Voice

June 18th 2011 Foreign environmentalists want review of Alberta oilsands plan

June 17th 2011 Kumi Naidoo boards Arctic oil rig demanding Cairn’s oil spill response plan | Greenpeace Canada

June 14th 2011 YouTube - Is Fracking For Natural Gas Causing Man Made Earthquakes?

June 13th 2011 Environment: Gulf drilling permits challenged in court « Summit County Citizens Voice

June 12th 2011 The Canadian Press: Business advisers ‘in the dark’ on Canada-U.S. climate talks: report

June 8th 2011 U.S. ambassador to Canada: Reduce oilsands’ environmental impact

June 7th 2011 EPA objects to proposed oil pipeline from Canada - CNBC

June 7th 2011 Clean Energy Act is what needs renewing

June 7th 2011 Megan Leslie slams feds on emissions report - Front -

June 6th 2011 Federal government starting to slice jobs, deeper cuts are coming - Winnipeg Free Press

June 4th 2011 NunatsiaqOnline 2011-06-04: NEWS: Above-average temps and high UV levels for the Arctic: Environment Canada

June 4th 2011 The Need for Civil Disobedience Throughout History…and in BC Today


June 2nd 2011 Kinder Morgan proposes second Kitimat bitumen pipeline - Northwest Coast Energy News

May 27th 2011 Stop the Megaloads Now! Video

May 26th 2011 Regulatory fight in a Canadian oil-sands box Bill Mann’s Canada - MarketWatch




Important Websites


The Common Sense Canadian This site should be on your bookmarks list, or sign on for emails as this website is focused on the environment of British Colombia and is very up to date on what is happening there.


Raincoast Conservation Foundation

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