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Links to Articles concerning the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline.

Please read as many articles as you can. Why, because those of us who are informed find it very easy to put the brakes on those who use rhetoric as a means to cover up that they don’t want to be informed, but only want to promote the pipeline. Keep updated, with the latest information and knowledge as it is a powerful offence against this project.

There are hundreds of older articles online if you search for them, however these will be a compilation of the latest articles online to save people time searching for quick answers. Please use the “Contact Us” and let us know of any links you feel we should have, and we will do our best to add them as quickly as possible.

We will not post articles before 2011 to keep articles current.

BE AWARE! Participate (Enbridge will be having public meetings, please attend!)


This one is important folks, check it often.

Government of Canada Enbridge Northern Gateway Project The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency provides periodic updates on the Panel’s activities.

May 25th 2011 Enbridge Northern Gateway Blog » Blog Archive » Enbridge Northern Gateway Project Joint Review Panel Invites the Public to Attend Information Sessions

Information sessions will be held in a number of locations, including:

  • Bruderheim, AB (June 6)
  • Whitecourt, AB (June 7)
  • Vanderhoof, BC (June 7)
  • Grande Prairie, AB (June 8)
  • Burns Lake, BC (June 8)
  • Tumbler Ridge, BC (June 9)
  • Queen Charlotte City, BC (June 14)
  • Prince Rupert, BC (June 15)
  • Kitimat, BC (June 16)
  • Smithers, BC (June 22)


Articles in the News


June 22nd 2011: Invitation : Tar Sands Action

June 22nd 2011 To pristine Haida Gwaii

June 21st 2011 Proposed B.C. pipeline on agenda as western premiers gather

June 21st 2011 Future access to markets biggest threat to Alberta’s energy industry: Liepert

June 20th 2011 Canadian pipeline sparks fear in America’s heartland

June 20th 2011 In BC, Pipes Spell Double Trouble: KSL gas pipeline is low profile, high threat | The Dominion

June 20th 2011 POKIN AROUND: Couple asks tree-cutting pipeline company: You want to do WHAT to my backyard?

June 20th 2011 Western premiers back increased infrastructure to spur Asian trade

June 20th 2011 UPDATE 2-Regulator keeps pressure cut on Enbridge’s Line 2 | Energy & Oil | Reuters

June 19th 2011 Untimely pipeline spills - June 19, 2011 - Petroleum News

June 18th 2011 TransCanada pipeline draws Fargo protest | INFORUM | Fargo, ND

June 17th 2011 The Tyee – National Energy Board: Captured Regulator?

June 17th 2011 Look closer at Enbridge, conclude environmental groups | The American Independent

June 17th 2011 NEB orders pipeline operators to reduce flow of oil and gas - The Globe and Mail

June 16th 2011 Pipelines to prosperity

June 16th 2011 Enbridge declines Kalamazoo River tours for residents in spill zone | Michigan Messenger

June 15th 2011 Burns Lake District News - Locals no show to discuss joint review panel process

June 15th 2011 Enbridge Gateway pipelines review process input sought - Whitecourt Star - Alberta, CA

June 15th 2011 Enbridge pipeline panel hits Tumbler Ridge

June 15th 2011 The Northern View - MP and Enbridge discuss potential tanker ban on the North Coast

June 15th 2011 Nebraska Water Scientists Warn of Oil Pipeline’s Risk, Call for More Study | Reuters

June 14th 2011 BC First Nations aren’t dupes of US green movement: Chiefs :: The Hook

June 14th 2011 NEB Orders Enbridge to Consult with Oil Spill Affected Community | French Tribune

June 13th 2011 Enbridge: Why Just Ride To Conquer Cancer? Stop It Before It Starts. « It’s Getting Hot In Here

June 13th 2011 First nations speak for themselves on pipelines

June 13th 2011 The Observer - Enbridge Northern Gateway Project Joint Review Panel invites you to QC info session Tuesday

June 13th 2011 Enbridge ordered to consult with N.W.T. community - North - CBC News

June 13th 2011 UPDATE 1-Enbridge shuts Line 6B for maintenance | Reuters

June 11th 2011 Local News | Canadian oil boom may bring many more tankers to Northwest waters | Seattle Times Newspaper

June 11th 2011 Dirty Oil Sands | Canadian oil boom may bring many more tankers to Northwest waters

June 10th 2011 Enbridge must prove pipeline’s safety before restoring pressure: energy board - Winnipeg Free Press

June 10th 2011 The Observer - Pipeline has no benefits, only risks, Skidegate meeting hears

June 9th 2011 Oil spill larger than previously thought

June 9th 2011 Enbridge still short on pipeline support - The Globe and Mail

June 8th 2011 NDP bill raises tough question for Harper — Dogwood Initiative

June 8th 2011 Michigan Messenger » Enbridge spill response hampered state ability to respond to other hazards Comments Feed

June 8th 2011 Enbridge still wrong about environmental impact of oil spill: Wrigley chief Comments Feed

June 8th 2011The Observer - Anti-Enbridge meeting Friday in Tlell

June 7th 2011 Enbridge says northern spill larger than thought | Reuters

June 7th 2011 Enbridge donates $330,000 in new partnership with Aboriginal Charter School

June 6th 2011 Oil Sands Project in Canada Will Go On if Pipeline Is Blocked - NYTimes.com

June 6th 2011 Oil Sands Project in Canada Will Go On if Pipeline Is Blocked - NYTimes.com

June 6th 2011 Enbridge oil spill in NWT could top 1,500 barrels

June 6th 2011  Saving Canada’s Pacific Coast

June 4th 2011 The Canadian Press: Enbridge says leak of NWT pipeline much bigger than original estimate

June 4th 2011 Pipeline leaks not revealed

June 3rd 2011 Michigan oil spill triggered new rules for Enbridge in Canada | Michigan Messenger

June 2nd 2011 Kinder Morgan proposes second Kitimat bitumen pipeline - Northwest Coast Energy News

June 2nd 2011 Federal regulator ordered gas companies to reduce flow to prevent spills near Canadian cities

June 2nd 2011 The Tyee – Kinder Morgan’s Grand Plan to Pipe Oil Sands Crude

June 1st 2011 Sylvia Earle Alliance (SEA): Threats to Pacific Northwest Marine Conservation: The Enbridge Northern Gateway Project

June 1st 2011 Alexander to oppose pipeline | Provincial News | St. Albert Gazette

May 31st 2011 Tar Sands Express - Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline or the Railway? Watershed Sentinel - Northwest Coast Energy News

May 24th 2011 First Nations re-ignite Enbridge campaign — Dogwood Initiative

May 17th 2011 Gas Pipeline Blazing Trail for Enbridge Gateway Project?

May 16th 2011 ecosocialism canada: Stopping Enbridge

May 15th 2011 Standing up to Enbridge in an Undemocratic Canada

May 13th 2011 First nations dig in against Enbridge pipeline - The Globe and Mail

May 11th 2011 Endbridge – Why The Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Proposal And All Tar Sands Expansion From Alberta To The B.C. West Coast Will Be Stopped In Its Tracks By The Unity Of Indigenous Nations « It’s Getting Hot In Here

May 11th 2011 Oil Sands: First Nations Hit Back Against Harper; Say Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Will Be Stopped in Its Tracks | SYS-CON MEDIA

May 11th 2011 First Nations protest proposed pipeline

May13th 2011 Anti-Enbridge Rally Hits NCLGA Convention - Opinion 250 - News for Northern and Central Interior of British Columbia, Canada

May 17th 2011 First Nations tell Enbridge: No pipelines without consent | West Coast Environmental Law

May 19th 2011 ‘Native land claims scare the hell out of investors’: energy expert :: The Hook 

May 15th 2011 Standing up to Enbridge in an Undemocratic Canada

May 13th 2011 The Northern View - Rally against Enbridge Northern Gateway Project draws hundreds in Prince Rupert

April 18th 2011 Harper’s Outrageous Support for Oil Tankers

April 13th 2011 New Animated Film on Oil Tanker Risks: Cetaceans of the Great Bear

April 11th 2011 New Enbridge Film: Risking it All - Oil on our Coast

March 24th 2011 Why Enbridge is afraid of Ta’Kaiya Blaney | Greenpeace Canada

March 24th 2011 Enbridge: When Intentions Are Not Offers

Feb 2nd 2011 Report: Enbridge still faces court fight over oil spill | Houston Business Journal  

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