It was more as a technical issue and one that keeps the internet fresh or current is ICANN the regulator for internet domain names.

One of the rules is domain owners must keep a current email address as a contact, the one I had was given about 7 years ago for a number of domain names, plus they all had secondary contact emails.

Hostmonster used that secondary email to contact me, in order to get another years renewal fees from me. See next image.

Note the date. (click on image to enlarge)


Next was probably a complaint triggered check into who owns this domain. Then instead of Hostmoster using the same email account they used one they knew was expired, because they hosted that very email account. They claimed they could not contact me, with the money still hot in their pocket.

The renewals are one year contracts, here is how recently they took my money.
Domain: Expires: Feb 23, 2020 GMT (renew – 340 days left)

Only 25 days after taking my money, they claim they could not reach me, by using an email address they knew was dead, because it was one hosted with them years ago.

Then claiming we did not have a current email or up to date email, they turned off our service as required by ICANN.

ICANN points out it was not their doing. (click on image to enlarge)

We contacted ICANN and they did not order a termination, it was initiated by Hostmonster. See above image.

Look at how long the reply took to happen with almost a dozen technicians working on it. (click on image to enlarge)

It was only because we authorized another company to take over our domain name hosting that they initiated a reply, look at the date we sent them the required letter, and look at the date they responded.

That is either complete incompetence or intentional denial of service.

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  1. Avatar Gill says:

    Well I’m glad you are back up and running now!

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