Threats from Warner Naziel and his lawyer

Editors Note; First the duty to prove who owns and runs a website belongs to, goes beyond reason to believe as per the attached letter. Mr Kanis’s reply here does not constitute ownership or that the articles were written by Mr. Kanis

We suggest the author Dustin C. Gagnon makes a legal application to find out who the owner and author of this website are, and provide the legal grounds for making that request. As you may or may not know, it will require a court order to do so, and grounds to get that order will also be required by law.

NOTE to Dustin C. Gagnon, it has come to our attention by some vigilant readers that you are sharing your gossip in regards to confidential matters with your family online, you might want to rethink that strategy before we appear before a judge, we do expect professional conduct from your office in the future.

If we crossed the line on what we are entitled to publish, please be very specific on where we have violated any such laws. We have always said we operate under the law, and we have no intentions to break the law. To suggest what you did in page two is ridiculous, there is no such protection under the law that prohibits public scrutiny or opinion on people that are public figures. If this is a threat meant to intimidate or silence opposition I can assure you the opposite will happen.

At no time have we ever threatened anyone, and we have no intentions of ever making threats against anyone, your accusation of such is pure slander. If we have posted threats I am sure your client would have called the police already and did not do so.

In regards to your comments about harass, if doing our job in reporting is considered harassment, that is your prerogative, but also your duty to prove in a court of law.

To suggest your client, or that of a clan, or the Wet’suwet’en are topics we can not cover, then I suggest you go back to law school.

Short of a court order we we will not remove anything unless it has been proven to us that we have violated the law. If in anyway this letter was a threat meant to be passed on to the JLSReport, via Mr. Kanis, its not working, we need to see much greater legal clarification on your definitions of what exactly we are or are not allowed to post in the press.

If you can show us that we have indeed broken the law we will make immediate correction in order to comply with the law, we leave it in your capable hands to prove that point.

We do have a contact us page, that you never used to date. It is not as if you were incapable of reaching us, if that was your intention.

We here at the JLSReport are exercising our right to journalistic opinion and freedom of the press to publish the follow threats. I am not sure if guilt by association qualifies in this case of not, but in an interview with Mr. Kanis who shared this letter with us, we asked him what his response to this should be.

We have on one hand the claim by Warner Naziel that he is the true owner of that particular chief’s name and position. Then we have Gloria George who was Chief Smogelgem, the question is, was she legally or illegally stripped of the name Smogelgem, and or is she still Chief Smogelgem?

Mr. Kanis said in our conversation today that he would not request JLS remove the articles in question, that would be infringement on the freedom of the press, and he could never make such a request based on a letter of threat.

Asked what his first reaction was, Mr. Kanis said, well I used to be political, now its coming back to roost, just google my name and history has it there.

We asked Mr. Kanis why do they think you own the website? Mr. Kanis replied, years ago about 4 or 5,  I am not sure I submitted an article in opposition to fish farms off our coast, if I recall right it had something to do with Don Staniford and smoking advertisements. I wrote a piece if you recall it was accepted and submitted here. My name was attached to that article.

Editors Note:  We can confirm this to be true.

Mr. Kanis said, the stripping of title was not done or sanctioned by and Canadian Court, it was done in house by a group of hereditary chiefs, according to what we read in the press, it will be more than interesting to see if the Canadian judicial system agrees on their right to do this.

Mr. Kanis said, there is only one way to find that out, which is by way of a judge settling this in the same courts Warner Naziel is hereby invoking, therefore let it be clear to everyone that Warner Naziel recognizes our Canadian Court system as a legitimate authority. “If they wish to take me to court, its their money.” said Mr. Kanis

Mr. Kanis admits he has not talked to Gloria George in over 30 years, but he suggests it might be a great opportunity for a reunion of sorts, as a key witness in court. He suggests that everyone will benefit from this issue being decided in a courtroom and welcomes action being threatened.

We asked him about hiring a lawyer, Mr. Kanis replied that its far to premature, and despite living on a meager pension, feels that there is lots of opportunity for some big name lawyer to step in to insure justice is done. God works that way, if you have faith in him. I have nothing to fear.

We asked Mr.Kanis if this goes to court, then what? Mr. Kanis laughed and said, truth cannot be silenced, and in doing so they would help insure the truth would be told in mainstream press, if they want public attention, lets give it to them. I will insure that you “JLS” will be updated every step of the way.

We asked Mr. Kanis what happens if they win a judgment against you, well he said with a smile then they will have the same problem with me, that CGL has with Warner Naziel, you cannot sue a person if they have no assets or money, sort of justice coming full circle.

Here is the link to the story they want us to remove.

With permission to print, here is the letter.

Thanks for having taken the time to visit and read our articles. I had my say, feel free to post your thoughts as well, be part of making a difference.
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9 Responses to Threats from Warner Naziel and his lawyer

  1. Avatar Gill says:

    How is it possible to remove a birthright? The three women that were shamed and continue to be abused by these misogynistic dictators inherited their title of Hereditary Cheif. That can’t be taken away according to Wet’suwet’en law.

    • JLS JLS says:

      We are not sure, Wet’suwet’en Law has never been tested in Canadian Court, and considering the contempt Warner Naziel has publicly shown in his speeches for our laws, his concern should be if or not the feeling is mutual. Odd how someone with such disdain for Canadian law would try duck behind it for protection. We fully respect the Wet’suwet’en people and their laws, however on the flip side, that law does not govern the opinions of those who do not agree with with them on what we believe was a miscarriage of justice. It would be a good thing for all of Canada to have some heavy weight lawyers step in and determine if this non profit organization called the Office of the Wet’suwet’en has the right to strip Wet’suwet’en members of the same rank, of their title. Or even jumping behind their blankets and using their status as hereditary chiefs, to what degree does their entitlement hold power and where does it end?

      How is it possible for 5 men to jump back and forth between a non profit organization, and their roles as hereditary chiefs? More question than answers indeed, and they need to come clean,at very least as a public office.

      Considering those stripped were never allowed to be officials in the Office of the Wet’suwet’en, and as there are only 5 active out of 13 positions for hereditary chiefs, there remains more questions than answers. Was the replacement position held vacant in order to control power? These questions likewise add up to holding all Canadians hostage by way of their let me quote John Ridsdale. “We never give away our strategy” Maybe its time the courts demanded to hear from the 3 women who were stripped of their rank,in fairness to CGL to determine if these women had by law, the right to act within their powers, before being stripped.

      I do hope CGL’s lawyers are reading this amazing turn of events.

      The question of Warner Naziel legitimacy as a chief by way of appointment also needs to be proven legitimate in a court of law, and not just by the group of five who play the role of judge, jury and hangman.

      The question will now be can these 5 men, not including Warner Naziel, as we do not consider him a hereditary chief, simply because he solves the gender issue they had with female hereditary chiefs.
      We would love to hear the courts opinion, and insure all the victims get to testify.

  2. Avatar Name withheld by request says:

    Lol nothing like keeping the family in the money, Dustin Gagnon is Warner Naziels nephew. for you info only.

  3. Avatar Name withheld by request says:

    I also need to appologise my info not quite correct there, they are cousins not nephew, dustin is chris gagnon son who is warners moms brother, sorry fo bad info. and please dont post my name,

  4. Avatar Gill says:

    Hi JLS,
    I agree with your comment. It’s now up to the courts to decide. This is unfortunate, but those with power and greed in their hearts have forced it to be done.
    And you are corect as well, in my humble opinion, that how can Naziel on one hand say he doesn’t recognize the court system and then threaten to use the very same system he opposes? ! Double talk!

  5. JLS JLS says:

    We may have one more bombshell of information to release, more evidence. We just need peoples permission, and their willingness to testify.

  6. Avatar Anonymous says:

    I tried to email unsuccessfully. Are you aware of Warner Naziel’s upcoming plans to build in the Parrot Lake Rec site area? They are planning on construction from April 28 to May 18th, 2019. Permanent buildings are planned, including: cabin, kitchen, bunkhouse and associated buildings. Also a horse stable and barn, and kennel area for dogs. Long term plans for a “climate change research facility”, hmmm, sound like they will request grant funding for that- as they can invite scientists in to “use” the facility. When I mentioned this to some locals, they were upset as many use the rec site, especially during hunting season. More importantly, they were unaware, as I believe many people are. Did you know? Its on his “Sovereign Likhtsamisyu” fb page…

    • JLS JLS says:

      I will look into the tecky glitch, we apologize for the “spam” plugin error. We cleared the problem, please let us know if it happens again. And thanks for this valuable contribution.

    • Avatar Adriana Louis says:

      I have brought this up as well. Go on let them take this to court it will be interesting to see how they justify Warner Naziel taking the name Smogelgem from Gloria George. I know the truth and my father’s family history.

      Granddaughter of Leonard George.

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