My first rant as I return from retirement

My age might be showing here when I make the following comments, or maybe it depends on you the reader is, if you relate.

What the hell is going on in today’s society? Do we need glass bubbles for everyone living on our planet? Have we reached the point in history, where we have to fabricate what went on in our nation before we were born. When did we become so indoctrinated with political correctness?

We now have #MeToo and oh shit not #YouToo
everyone now needs the protection with a claim of #VictimToo
Am  I missing out on a cash cow here?

It’s OK to bash religion, unless its Muslim them its #IslamophobiaToo

Then we have #I’mAboriginalToo and we should have more rights then #YouToo

Oh let’s not forget, we now no longer have a gender lest it offend #ItToo.

Then you have those who enter our nation illegally, and we toss them a #BillionToo
The back of the line moves to the front of the line because #Ihave-a-right-Too

Justin thinks Canada belongs to the global world now, the nation no longer exists, or more importantly we have no culture, no core beliefs, nothing but #shamefullhistoryToo.

Well I grew up on a farm, and be it your peddling cow manure at a discount or bull manure at a premium, I don’t have a problem with calling it what it really is.

It stinks, its time we #FightBackToo

Thanks for having taken the time to visit and read our articles. I had my say, feel free to post your thoughts as well, be part of making a difference.

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