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According to some fishermen these is no such thing as neutral on the issue of risking the environment in hopes of milking Enbridge for the short time it will be in the adjacent area for a few lousy dollars.

You are either going to protect our lakes, rivers, streams our wildlife our tourism or you simply are not going to, there is no halfway here.

In an effort to get municipal councilors off the fence PACIFIC NORTHWEST FISHING REPORTS launched a call for a boycott of all municipalities who are refusing to protect the very environment they claim to be selling to tourists.

This is a very powerful call to the world to ignore Harper and come to Canada’s rescue, while at the same time Harper is being wooed by China a major shareholder in both Enbridge and the funding of its campaign to fast track the project.

Harper wants it both ways, he wants international funding to promote the pipeline but condemns both Canadians and the international community for funding or even supporting the fight against this environmental catastrophe.

Be that as it may, the pressure is now on the politicians on a local level.

The call for a tourism boycott is going out to all environment groups, to all fishermen, to the entire world community to help protect us from the most dangerous attack on Canadian soil in Canadian history.

Isn’t it pure hypocrisy that Canada for years has been telling the world to protect the environment, and then at the smell of a quick fix of cash, Canada turns its back on its own environment?

Read the letter by Jake and take on his challenge to repost this call on as many websites in the world that care about our environment, but be sure to update them if any of the communities change their position.

We will also take up the call and keep an updated list posted on this page.


PLEASE NOTE: There have been no changes in support since 2012, so once again we ask for your support in 2013.


Prince Rupert – Supports our Environment (Visit this great community)

Terrace – Supports our Environment (Visit this great community)

Kitimat – Does not support our environment. (Boycott)

Kitwanga – Supports our Environment (Visit this great community)

Hazelton – Does not support our environment. (Boycott)

Kispiox – Supports our Environment (Visit this great community)

Moricetown – Supports our Environment (Visit this great community)

Smithers – Supports our Environment (Visit this great community)

Telkwa – Does not support our environment. (Boycott)

Houston – Does not support our environment. (Boycott)

Granisle – Does not support our environment. (Boycott)

Burns Lake – Does not support our environment. (Boycott)

Fraser Lake – Does not support our environment. (Boycott)

Vanderhoof – Does not support our environment. (Boycott)

Prince George – Does not support our environment. (Boycott)

We would like to extend a challenge to all fishing websites to publicly post a list of the communities above as to their support or lack of support for our environment and encourage tourists not to vacation in locations who care so little for our environment that they do not have the courage to defend it and stand up and say no to any further construction of any pipelines that carry that toxic sludge through our ever more vulnerable lakes, rivers and mountains.

Likewise we ask that every environmental website in the world also joins us in a boycott to end this fence riding by municipal councilors.



  JLS ……For What It’s Worth

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  2 Responses to “Tourism Boycott Hits Highway 16 in opposition to Enbridge”

  1. Harper has threatened TIDE, if they don’t stop supporting the, no to Enbridge pipeline. Harper has threatened charitable organizations, if they too support, the no to Enbridge pipeline.

    Harper is just as vindictive as Gordon Campbell is. Both of them throw tantrums and hissy fits, when they don’t get their own way. The other decent country’s are fed up with Harper’s bullying and his hissy fits. They are starting to shun Harper. They wouldn’t even give Harper a seat in the U.N. One country called Harper, a petty gasbag, stubborn, arrogant, impossible to work with, and co-operates with no-one.

    The only country’s Harper is friends with are, China, Columbia, Equador and the Honduras. Harper was itching to attack Iran, however, China supports Iran. Strangely, Harper hasn’t said much more about it.

    There is a lot of tension, between the U.S. and China. Harper has angered the U.S. They have pulled Caterpillar out of Canada, costing 500 jobs lost. I have a feeling, the U.S. will pull many more of their company’s out of this Nation.

    Shame on the community’s for not supporting, the no to Enbridge pipeline. Their own beautiful province, and they don’t give a damn.

    Harper has a very shady political past. He is a Reformer, and founded the Northern Foundation Party. This was in 1989. Google it, there is a lot of information on, Harper’s very shady party. You will also then, understand Harper’s evil agenda.

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