Oct 022016

“JLS – Reporting from overseas”

As a foreigner watching the senate hearings I was stunned at one portion of the question where De Lima was what in most courtrooms is termed badgering the witness. De Lima has a history of having failed to bring a case against Duterte via the human rights organization years ago.

For those of you who might question the numbers I posted, please start watching this video at the 1 hour mark. I highly suggest you watch Senator Gordon’s speech, or exchange with Dela Rosa, start watching about the 1 hour and 20 minute mark, and … Read the rest

Sep 162016

“JLS – Reporting from overseas”


Unless you turn off the TV, close your internet account, it’s nearly impossible as a foreigner living in the Philippines not to be exposed to this conversation. I was going to use the word debate, however it’s really not a debate at all.

In a very clever move by someone who herself is being questioned for her involvement in the drug trade, Leila de Lima was given the go ahead to investigate “present or current” extra judicial killings, however she has turned this into a review of an already investigated review of the … Read the rest