Feb 112018

Canadians are good at pointing out the hate-based politics of our neighbor to the south of us, but not so quick to see we have plenty of home grown hate, or more accurately put, those who exploit hate.

Its so easy to stand up and be the hero of the day, standing behind every cause in the name of fighting hate, but are you really fighting hate or exploiting hate?

Take for instance the latest headlines in the news Colten Boushie, who died by way of getting shot, while part of a group of hooligans who were guilty of a … Read the rest

Feb 032018

Dressed like whores demanding to be treated like ladies.

Its hard for people, ladies included, not to say that this plague called #MeToo has not taken on epidemic proportions, men all over the world (the ones with money or fame) are falling victim in the most despicable witch-hunt in modern history.

Its hard to imagine females (I refuse to call them women, they are more evil animal like in nature than women are) who cannot remember being abused for months, weeks, years, decades and suddenly when you have a coming out party for feminists, every feminist wants to scream #MeToo.… Read the rest

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