Feb 142018

Its hard not to way in on the raging debate when we see our parliamentarians stand up in parliament and show such disrespect for both the court and the jury.

Even though the jury is prohibited by law for speaking to their decision, they are being accused of being racist by our parliamentarians, as well as all the aboriginals and others who are grandstanding in an attempt to make themselves look good at the expense of others.

They make Colten Boushie look like some poor kid who is an innocent victim being murdered at the hands of yet another white … Read the rest

Feb 112018

Canadians are good at pointing out the hate-based politics of our neighbor to the south of us, but not so quick to see we have plenty of home grown hate, or more accurately put, those who exploit hate.

Its so easy to stand up and be the hero of the day, standing behind every cause in the name of fighting hate, but are you really fighting hate or exploiting hate?

Take for instance the latest headlines in the news Colten Boushie, who died by way of getting shot, while part of a group of hooligans who were guilty of a … Read the rest

Feb 102018

Set aside everything that was said in court and only deal with one issue, do we respect the court of law or do we not? Never mind picking sides, either the court is in disrepute or it is a decision based on evidence or lack thereof.

We have a strongly worded message from the RCMP just before the verdict “Sask. RCMP say online comments about Colten Boushie shooting could be criminal” almost as if they knew what the outcome would be.

Ask yourself another question, if some hooligan kids were robbing your house, and they were not aboriginals, … Read the rest