Sep 162016

“JLS – Reporting from overseas”


Unless you turn off the TV, close your internet account, it’s nearly impossible as a foreigner living in the Philippines not to be exposed to this conversation. I was going to use the word debate, however it’s really not a debate at all.

In a very clever move by someone who herself is being questioned for her involvement in the drug trade, Leila de Lima was given the go ahead to investigate “present or current” extra judicial killings, however she has turned this into a review of an already investigated review of the … Read the rest

Aug 242016

“JLS – Reporting from overseas”

When you hear the USA, United Nations, and Amnesty International all ganging up on Duterte, you might think that Duterte ranks among the world’s most violent dictators. All 3 of these who stand in accusation, really cannot duck behind ignorance as an excuse, at very least they are somewhat complicit in having created the drug haven the Philippines has become.

The Hilton Hotel of the drug trade.

The Hilton Hotel of the drug trade.

It’s time the world spent more time watching those who speak the truth, than those who are out there trying to protect their drug investments in the Philippines.… Read the rest

Feb 142016

OIL and Gold do mix in Canada

I am not often in the position of making predictions, unless a birdie told me something in my ear, and when it comes to issues like this I wish I was wrong, but know I won’t be.

Once again we are being scammed out of billions of Loonies by high rolling thieves that never did an honest day’s work in their lives.

What Canadians are missing is that due to our low dollar, Canada Oil production is I a unique position and is able to continue competing in the market, it’s not bad … Read the rest

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Jan 022016

2012 we saw two deadly sawmill explosions that cost the lives of at least 4 men in the span of a few months. This was all followed by what is now called botched investigations, a useless WCB who has never had any intentions of doing anything outside of the marching orders of our dirty Liberal Party that concerns itself with profits, not deaths.

All one has to do is Google for information about these explosions to realize that the government is part and parcel complicit in insuring that sawmills do not get charged for laws they break.

It makes me … Read the rest