Feb 042018

Its been more than a decade since the days when we earned our way into the position of Platinum, just about the same time Amway announce the business opportunity of a lifetime, one that would revolutionize the way the world shopped. To sum it up it was called the Titanic ooops sorry, or it sank like the Titanic, called Quixstar. I guess in an effort to further protect this amassed fortune the owners the DeVos and Van Andel families also created a parent company called Alticor.


Quixstar was going to be the fix all to the problems that ranged … Read the rest

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Oct 072017

I used to buy a lot on Ebay, often I would spend more there than in local stores, only to find repeatedly Ebay supported crooks that have high sales, because its more profitable to scam people than be honest with them.

I have often thought about making a list of all their dirty trick and deals, but ended up thinking Ebay isn’t worth that much time.

Today’s rant is about how Ebay helps liars deal with how long you have to wait to get your order before you can file a claim for money back. It used to be waiting … Read the rest

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Jan 072016

The following article brought back by popular request, it was originally posted on this website in February 18th 2013. We have made some minor updates for clarification purposes, but we feel the content is still as relevant today as it was in 2013

Kevin-Annett-black-shirtWe are only too aware of how Jesus was exploited and continues to be exploited every Christmas so that some people get rich, while others struggle to buy gifts their children expect because the media has set them up with these expectations.

We are also bitterly aware of how religion is being exploited for financial gain, … Read the rest