Oct 192016
Canada's Joffrey Baratheon

Canada’s Joffrey Baratheon

thronesIn a most unbelievable twist in the game of thrones Canadian style it now appears the young Trudeau outsmarted, outwitted and outplayed both Harper and Mulcair. Unfortunately he outplayed Canadian voters as well.

Without a doubt Trudeau quickly discovered the power of the social media campaign and that he himself missed the boat when Mulcair signed on to the election reform movement. As the NDP started in the election as top dog, the Liberals had to do something extraordinary to steal the thunder away from the NDP.

Without question it does not take a rocket scientist to … Read the rest

Feb 122016

Note that this massive engine carries zero passengers and weighs in at 268,800 lbs

Have you ever wondered what life would be like in a logical world? One where government did what was needed for society rather than greed based legislation? Green initiatives are a joke on society, lots of charging us to make us shut up while they do nothing to fix real problems, and use the money to get re-elected.

If Canada continues to grow in population we cannot plan on more cars only, and more roads, you can only fit so many cars on a city street, … Read the rest

Jan 192016

Why the BC Government? In a nutshell they destroyed more agricultural land in their tenure than all previous governments combined, and who did they sell it too, the same real estate developers who fund all their elections. If we would have protected our food industry rather than allowing China and the USA to produce our food, we would not be having a food price crisis in British Columbia.

Sticker shock, is that how you would describe your last trip to the grocery store? You read it in the press, you say it on store shelves, but are you being had?… Read the rest

Jan 082016
Taxing marriage - Combine the two incomes, then apply the total to both partners.

Taxing marriage – Combine the two incomes, then apply the total to both partners.

Next on our list of requested articles from the past, and still just as relevant today is one we wrote back in March 10, 2011.

I could not believe my eyes when I discovered that somehow the Liberal Party under Gordon Campbell had figured out a method to charge people for the sex they have between the sheets. Read on and find out how it targets the provinces poor.

Of course they hid this discreetly in a way only a few would discover it, in fact … Read the rest

Jan 022016

2012 we saw two deadly sawmill explosions that cost the lives of at least 4 men in the span of a few months. This was all followed by what is now called botched investigations, a useless WCB who has never had any intentions of doing anything outside of the marching orders of our dirty Liberal Party that concerns itself with profits, not deaths.

All one has to do is Google for information about these explosions to realize that the government is part and parcel complicit in insuring that sawmills do not get charged for laws they break.

It makes me … Read the rest