Feb 242018

Editors Note; It seems that today nothing said by a white man gets taken seriously anymore unless he is on the bandwagon or “anti-white” while most people are forgetting that all the depressed victims of the past gained their rights because good white men, stood up for women’s rights, gay rights, aboriginal rights, black rights and just about every existing conceivable minorities rights, yet every day whites need to be crucified, vilified for what bad white people did back before most of us were born. Its about time white men were recognized as being the leaders in correcting wrongs made Read the rest

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Feb 142018

Its hard not to way in on the raging debate when we see our parliamentarians stand up in parliament and show such disrespect for both the court and the jury.

Even though the jury is prohibited by law for speaking to their decision, they are being accused of being racist by our parliamentarians, as well as all the aboriginals and others who are grandstanding in an attempt to make themselves look good at the expense of others.

They make Colten Boushie look like some poor kid who is an innocent victim being murdered at the hands of yet another white … Read the rest

Feb 102018

Set aside everything that was said in court and only deal with one issue, do we respect the court of law or do we not? Never mind picking sides, either the court is in disrepute or it is a decision based on evidence or lack thereof.

We have a strongly worded message from the RCMP just before the verdict “Sask. RCMP say online comments about Colten Boushie shooting could be criminal” almost as if they knew what the outcome would be.

Ask yourself another question, if some hooligan kids were robbing your house, and they were not aboriginals, … Read the rest

Feb 092018

Just-a-Liar Trudeau – We will make every vote count.

We will make every vote count.

“We are committed to ensuring that 2015 will be the last federal election conducted under the first-past-the-post voting system. We will convene an all-party Parliamentary committee to review a wide variety of reforms, such as ranked ballots, proportional representation, mandatory voting, and online voting. This committee will deliver its recommendations to Parliament. Within 18 months of forming government, we will introduce legislation to enact electoral reform.” The Liberal Party of Canada

“Trudeau made that promise 1,813 times during the 2015 campaign” The Washington PostRead the rest

Feb 072018


Like many of you I could not help but see the stories that keep coming back into the news, in regards to Canada’s disposable soldiers. In many ways they have a lot in common with Canada’s disposable employees and for much the same reasons.

Once you’re a disabled person in Canada your told you’re an asset, but treated like a liability. When it comes to funding, its not hard to see, when the Liberals (just like the Conservatives) give away hard earned Canadian dollars by the millions.

Have a look at this video where you see the frustrations of … Read the rest

Feb 062018

But get arrested by men and jailed for taking them off.

What gives Canada?

Justin Trudeau brags he is a champion of women’s rights, and at the same time he defends wearing the hijab despite knowing it’s a symbol of male dominance.

Unveiled acts of defiance in Iran

“Police in Tehran have arrested 29 more women for protesting against a law that requires them to wear hijabs. For weeks now, Iranian women have been engaging in small acts of defiance

against the Islamic Republic’s theocrats, removing their headscarves in the streets and hoisting them on sticks. Photos and videos of Read the rest

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Feb 052018

This blundering fool is barely out of the starting gate as the new leader of the BC Liberals and appears to be anti everything Horgan stands for. He is afraid to stand up for the citizens of British Columbia on issues like protecting our water, wildlife, or beach’s and oceans from being destroyed by tar sands bitumen. Horgan has suggested we put the horse before the cart, namely can we clean up a mess before it happens?

Clearly Andrew Wilkinson wants to deal with disasters after they happen, even if it means citizens of BC will suffer and or even … Read the rest

Feb 042018

Unless you publicly endorse abortion and LGBT, your rights as a Canadian will be curtailed.

From the press “The Liberal government is extending the deadline for applications for the Canada Summer Jobs program by one week, but will not remove a controversial clause requiring applicants to sign an attestation on abortion and LGBT rights.”

I never was one to be a religious fanatic, it went against my grain, but some things they did say, did stick in my mind. When I see what Trudeau (the kid) is doing, I cannot help but think what many pastors are now preaching, he … Read the rest

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Feb 032018

NOTE: This article was originally posted on our old website back on 2014-08-05 It still strongly reflects how I feel and am bringing it back due to the issue of Kinder Morgan, Rachel Notley and that kid we call our Prime Minister.  I have always preferred to have leaders that are old enough and afraid enough of meeting their maker, that it instills a desire to do what is best for people, vs best for political advancement.

This year marks the year when I join the ranks of those who are 60 and plus, also known as senior citizens, … Read the rest

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Feb 012018

Its never been a question of if, the real question is when will be the next one. Will the next one shatter all previous records?

Its not about socialism, its not about left wing, its about good old fashioned unadulterated greed, the lust for money far outweighs political stripes.

While most citizens in BC are still reeling with pure astonishment at the hypocrisy of John Horgan in regards to the Site C Dam, one where he was elected in large part due to his opposition to that dam, and then does exactly what the Liberals always do, goes back on … Read the rest