Oct 072017

I used to buy a lot on Ebay, often I would spend more there than in local stores, only to find repeatedly Ebay supported crooks that have high sales, because its more profitable to scam people than be honest with them.

I have often thought about making a list of all their dirty trick and deals, but ended up thinking Ebay isn’t worth that much time.

Today’s rant is about how Ebay helps liars deal with how long you have to wait to get your order before you can file a claim for money back. It used to be waiting … Read the rest

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Aug 122017

Reading recently about how Vancouver police intend to take this noise seriously, yeah right! What a joke “a ticket of $109, plus three points.”  Its easier to get busted for having a tiny dog on your lap than it is to see one of thousands of bikes and trucks busted, not only are they too loud, but they make an added effort to be even louder.

Police? Do they have shares in LOUD mufflers?

Is it a prerequisite for police to be deaf, dumb and blind when it comes to these perpetrators?

When you talk to these bikers they pass … Read the rest

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Aug 032017

I recall the days when gay meant happy had nothing to do with peoples gender, and racism was defined as “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.”

George Orwell in his book “Animal Farm” had his own way of expressing racism.

As soon as the animals have expelled the humans, the dream of equality on Animal Farm begins to crumble.  At first, it is decreed that all animals are equal.  The animals make commandments to enforce this idea.  However, soon the pigs begin to rewrite history.  Read the rest

Feb 242017

For the most part I am really not a cellphone addict or even much of a cellphone user, but it seemed to me that while I am in the Philippines it would make more sense to support the local economy, and buy local so to speak. I did learn that this more affordable cellphone is very popular here in the Philippines, however after buying one for a local citizen I was shocked to learn it comes with a non stop set of full screen advertising.

More puzzling was that these ads were not targeting China, or the USA, but these … Read the rest

Oct 202016
Look at the age of these kids, what kind of parents sends their kids into harms way?

Look at the age of these kids, what kind of parents sends their kids into harms way? Is this a peaceful protest?

Yesterday was an amazing day in the Philippines, for days now we have been bombarded with updates on Super Typhoon Haima. At its peak, Haima packed winds of up to 315 kilometers per hour (195 mph), the equivalent of a Category 5 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale.

At least 7 people were killed Sunday as Sarika crossed the archipelago north of Manila as a Category 4 storm. Almost 10,000 people were displaced, according to aid organization … Read the rest

Oct 162016

“JLS – Reporting from overseas”

The longer I stay in the Philippines, the more disturbing it is to watch the massive numbers of grandfathers/greatgrandfathers lusting after girls who could be their granddaughter.

Now I have long believed age does not matter when it comes to love, and it should not, however there is a big difference between love and lust, and exploiting vs caring about those young women.

Recently I was reading an obituary written by a fellow expat, of a man who was so painfully aware that he was old (somewhere in his upper 70’s) he described it with … Read the rest

Oct 052016

Google killed PanaramioI am sure you are all aware of how much fun it was to explore Google Earth, and look at eye witness photos of what life is like down there on that part of our plant.

The bad news is the Google Earth simply closed the doors on Panaramio, they don’t need the millions of people who contributed their photos anymore. Over the next year they want all of you photographers to move to a much better location called Google Plus where they can load your pages full of commercial advertisements.

This is the second blow in a row for … Read the rest

Jul 222016


OK today its rant time, how many of you use Google as a search engine, only to get sucked into websites, some who won’t even allow you the use of your back key to return to your search?

Then you have that horrid website called Pinintrest that’s a glorified cash cow for its owners, and the public gets sucked into its vortex every time you look for something online.

Facebook is loaded with clickbait, websites that appear to have something of interest, but all you find is a page loaded full of commercials to make its owners rich. They get … Read the rest

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Jul 202016

As we age some of us become complacent, and fall into a routine that could be called a rut, then something or someone comes along and you have no choice but to rebuild life all over again, so what better way to do that then fly halfway around the world, and leave the old life behind?

We flew halfway around the world to discover a whole new perspective on problems, issues and excitement, so over the next 2 to 3 years, yes we plan to stay that long, you will be reading more stories as seen through my eyes about … Read the rest

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Apr 182016

Recently I have been reading about a group of mayors who think the answer to municipal problems is collecting on the carbon tax. What a bunch of ignorant and self-centered fools. Are you forgetting or is it by design and intent that northern communities have the least chance of ever seeing transit as an alternative means of transportation, they already pay the highest food prices, with the worst selection for quality. toon

Adding insult to injury is the stupid majors in the north that support such idiocy, just because they can ride a bike to the majors office, does not mean … Read the rest