Feb 032018

NOTE: This article was originally posted on our old website back on 2014-08-05 It still strongly reflects how I feel and am bringing it back due to the issue of Kinder Morgan, Rachel Notley and that kid we call our Prime Minister.  I have always preferred to have leaders that are old enough and afraid enough of meeting their maker, that it instills a desire to do what is best for people, vs best for political advancement.

This year marks the year when I join the ranks of those who are 60 and plus, also known as senior citizens, … Read the rest

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Jan 312018

The following article was posted and brought back due its its importance and relevance even today. Some of the links may no longer work, as we cannot control material not on this website and due to the passage of time. Original Post date: 2014-07-13 14:44:15

Social media is a great way for the public to show their support for or against what they believe contravene their ideologies or moral standards. Sadly it is no match for paid organized manipulation as per what we are witnessing today on Facebook in regards to Israel’s massacre in Gaza. Thousands of paid students and … Read the rest

Jan 122016

Here is another article that still as true today and it was when it was originally written in October 19th 2012.

In reality Ebay is very guilty of aiding and abetting the counterfeit industry in China and rakes in millions of dollars each year as profits from what government tells us is criminal activity. Since we originally posted this Ebay continues to allow them to use Nikon images, but in the fine print its a play of words, where they say (for Nikon) and in the item specifics it now say “generic”.

It should be noted we are using Nikon … Read the rest

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Jan 082016
Taxing marriage - Combine the two incomes, then apply the total to both partners.

Taxing marriage – Combine the two incomes, then apply the total to both partners.

Next on our list of requested articles from the past, and still just as relevant today is one we wrote back in March 10, 2011.

I could not believe my eyes when I discovered that somehow the Liberal Party under Gordon Campbell had figured out a method to charge people for the sex they have between the sheets. Read on and find out how it targets the provinces poor.

Of course they hid this discreetly in a way only a few would discover it, in fact … Read the rest

Jan 072016
File it again in heaven, were waiting for you to die first.

File it again in heaven, were waiting for you to die first.

Back by request, this article was originally posted on this website on July 4 2010

For most Canadians it would come as a big shock to find that the government(s) runs organizations like the Workers Compensation Board for the sole objective of cost reduction for big business, with itself as one of the largest employers taking full advantage of the conflict of interest.

The Federal Government instituted the Meredith Principle as law into Canada approximately 80 years ago. Today, even though the Federal Government passed on authority to … Read the rest

Jan 072016

The following article brought back by popular request, it was originally posted on this website in February 18th 2013. We have made some minor updates for clarification purposes, but we feel the content is still as relevant today as it was in 2013

Kevin-Annett-black-shirtWe are only too aware of how Jesus was exploited and continues to be exploited every Christmas so that some people get rich, while others struggle to buy gifts their children expect because the media has set them up with these expectations.

We are also bitterly aware of how religion is being exploited for financial gain, … Read the rest

Dec 252015

The following article is from our old archives, it was originally posted in 2011-02-03 it became our most read article of all time. Considering what is happening today, how the family (the owners of this corporation) are fighting, if not for the love of money, fighting over power and control. I even got death threats from some of their members for writing it.

Multi million dollar castles flaunting wealth in the face of a poverty stricken nation.

Multi million dollar castles flaunting wealth in the face of a poverty stricken nation.

This is a perfect example of how one man became a multi billionaire plagiarizing other religions, getting people to worship God for his … Read the rest

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