Apr 182016

Recently I have been reading about a group of mayors who think the answer to municipal problems is collecting on the carbon tax. What a bunch of ignorant and self-centered fools. Are you forgetting or is it by design and intent that northern communities have the least chance of ever seeing transit as an alternative means of transportation, they already pay the highest food prices, with the worst selection for quality. toon

Adding insult to injury is the stupid majors in the north that support such idiocy, just because they can ride a bike to the majors office, does not mean … Read the rest

Feb 122016

Note that this massive engine carries zero passengers and weighs in at 268,800 lbs

Have you ever wondered what life would be like in a logical world? One where government did what was needed for society rather than greed based legislation? Green initiatives are a joke on society, lots of charging us to make us shut up while they do nothing to fix real problems, and use the money to get re-elected.

If Canada continues to grow in population we cannot plan on more cars only, and more roads, you can only fit so many cars on a city street, … Read the rest

Jan 212016


It’s so hidden from the news at a time when gas prices are falling faster than a sinking ship, the BC Utilities Commission approves a rate hike of 1.8% for PNG. They are claiming their costs are going up by 14.5% and want to pass on that loss to the consumers. screenshot_147
This when at the same time they are saying, to you and me,

“Natural gas is a commodity traded on the open market like other commodities such as oil, coffee or lumber. As with most commodities, the price is dictated by supply and demand. When demand is high, Read the rest

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Jan 192016

Why the BC Government? In a nutshell they destroyed more agricultural land in their tenure than all previous governments combined, and who did they sell it too, the same real estate developers who fund all their elections. If we would have protected our food industry rather than allowing China and the USA to produce our food, we would not be having a food price crisis in British Columbia.

Sticker shock, is that how you would describe your last trip to the grocery store? You read it in the press, you say it on store shelves, but are you being had?… Read the rest

Jan 162016

Recall that not so long ago we were given this news “BC Hydro rates to increase 28 per cent over 5 years” that was only 2 years ago, was it a coincidence that it came on the heels of another story, namely this one “Vaughn Palmer: ‘Surprise’ BC Hydro cost overruns hard to believe, with execs part of premier’s inner circle

Then in 2015 when they opened the Northwest Transmission Line the real cost went to $736 million almost double what they declared when they budgeted for this project. Thus BC Hydro runs a deficit that we the … Read the rest

Jan 152016

We can’t even call them Liberals, they hijacked the political party, they are simply put the same team of thugs that hijacked the Social Credit Party, and I am sure they will simply change jackets if they get tossed out in the next election. They have nothing in common with the federal liberals, yet appear to be clones of the Harper dynasty.

BC Liberal party

BC Liberal Party

Likewise they used the same tactics to get re-elected, namely selling fear, get the public so paranoid they don’t dare to change leadership, and while elected steal everything that belongs to the public.

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