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Its never been a question of if, the real question is when will be the next one. Will the next one shatter all previous records?

Its not about socialism, its not about left wing, its about good old fashioned unadulterated greed, the lust for money far outweighs political stripes.

While most citizens in BC are still reeling with pure astonishment at the hypocrisy of John Horgan in regards to the Site C Dam, one where he was elected in large part due to his opposition to that dam, and then does exactly what the Liberals always do, goes back on his word and proceeds with Site C.  Leaves citizens of BC really afraid of what Horgan will really do now, for now we will leave the issue of Site C for a well deserved article all by itself and look at what why these two premiers are tap dancing for attention.

The argument by NDP Alberta Premier Rachel Notley is about the right to pipe bitumen thorough BC lakes, rivers (Frazer River) and streams, that also ends up in the Frazer River watershed. It comes down to some of Alberta’s tax revenue in small part, and in large part the profits of foreign owned corporations, mostly American and China. Kinder Morgan is owned by Americans with Headquarters in Texas. Yes, stocks are sold on the stock exchange making it a habit to claim they are not owned by any country, however its run out of Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

While Norway taxes its oil at a rate of 27 percent corporation income tax, Norway levies an additional 51 percent resource extraction tax on the exploration, development, and production of petroleum, a 78 percent total tax rate. They have no problem selling it, and it pays for FREE Education, FREE Medical care, and your eyes and teeth are not optional parts of your body, as they are in Canada, and are fully covered under medical care. Not to forget, aside from the jobs they create, many other benefits to all citizens of the country.

In Canada we subsidize oil and gas industry, we benefit from the jobs, but pay them to take our oil away. Canadian Taxpayers Fork Out $3.3 Billion Every Year to Super Profitable Oil Companies

Now we have British Columbia saying slow down, lets have a look at what science and the facts are about surviving an oil spill.
Here are some news clips.)

“The B.C. government released what it called a second phase of regulations on pipelines in the province on Tuesday. With it, they included a proposal to restrict increases for the amount of diluted crude transported until the ‘behaviour of spilled bitumen could be better understood.’ That means that B.C. wants to study existing contingency plans to evaluate their effectiveness in cleaning up oil spills. Until that work is done, it wants to cease the shipment of all diluted bitumen to the coast. The government is launching an independent scientific panel in February that will be responsible for determining whether the province has the ability to clean up spills. The estimate is the report could take about two years to complete.”


“In 2010 an Enbridge pipeline burst in Michigan, dumping millions of litres of “dilbit” into the Kalamazoo river. The heavy, tar-like bitumen sank and stuck to the bottom, while the toxic solvents used to dilute the bitumen evaporated – sickening nearby residents. Four years later Enbridge had spent $1.5 billion on cleanup and the job still wasn’t done. They had to dredge and replace whole sections of riverbed – a nightmare to imagine in B.C.’s Fraser River, or anywhere else.”

“The potential for a diluted bitumen spill already poses significant risk to our inland and coastal environment and the thousands of existing tourism and marine harvesting jobs,” said B.C. Environment Minister George Heyman. “British Columbians rightfully expect their government to defend B.C.’s coastline and our inland waterways, and the economic and environmental interests that are so important to the people in our province, and we are working hard to do just that.”


So it really leaves BC in the position to ask a number of questions, the first should be why is Canada, let alone Albertan’s give away a resource in exchange for jobs, its as disgusting as giving whiskey to Indians in exchange for votes, and that was done a lot in case you’re to young to remember.

Then comes the question of “Should it be risk belong to British Columbia?

The fish that belong to the entire west coast, worth far more than the oil being shipped, is it right to accept the bribe money of 2 Billion dollars as the Liberals in BC were about to do?

The following is from a research paper we wrote back in 2014

“Its hard to get accurate numbers on the value of British Columbia’s fishing industry but we estimate its worth 5.3 billion annually. An estimated 15,500 British Colombian’s worked in the fisheries and aquaculture sector in 2005. Sport Fishing 7,700 was the largest employer, followed by fish processing 3,700, aquaculture 2,100, and commercial fishing 2000 jobs.

Revenues in the fisheries and aquaculture sector totaled over $2.2 Billion in 2005. This compares to just under $1Billion in 1984. Among the industries within the sector, sport fishing generated the highest revenue ($865 Million) Fish Processing ($638 Million) commercial fishing ($362 Million) and Aquaculture (338 million)

The value of a Canadian Dollar was worth almost 20% less in 2005 than it is today, so adjust those figures by adding 20% to get a more realistic value in dollars today. Top that off with the higher prices of today the adjusted numbers should be close to double the 2005 figures.

According to Pacific Salmon Foundation the figures for the value of commercial salmon alone in 2010 is over 2 billion dollars, so add the current values of sport fishing, aquaculture and all non-salmon species caught by commercial fisherman and the true value of British Columbia’s fishing industry could have doubled since 2005. (referenced from the Pacific Salmon Foundation)

Based on information obtained by Living Oceans the current value of the sport fishing industry alone is worth $2.8B USD. (referenced from the Pacific Salmon Foundation)

The reason given by the Province of British Columbia (Liberals) for not giving newer or more updated information is according to them “too sensitive” and would infringe on the rights of commercial business owners” The numbers provided above are the latest figures available as of this date.

In 2010, the B.C. aquaculture sector produced 90,600 tonnes of fish and shellfish and generated $533.8 million in farmgate value.

A realistic value of British Columbia’s in fishing industry in 2012.

• Aquaculture ½ a Billion Dollars

• Sport Fishing 2.8 Billion Dollars

• Commercial Fishing 2 Billion Dollars

For a combined total of 5.3 Billion Dollars Annually!”

Kinder Morgan did this already to Burnaby in 2007

So its very clear that BC and all Canadians stands to lose far more from proceeding with this insane project, that it does to proceed with it. It short sighted greed, and people are so eager for work in a country flooded with immigrants needing jobs, that its easy to goad Albertan’s into this scam.

Recommended Read; Expert Panel Report • The Behaviour and Environmental Impacts of Crude Oil Released into Aqueous Environments

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