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The following article was posted and brought back due its its importance and relevance even today. Some of the links may no longer work, as we cannot control material not on this website and due to the passage of time. Original Post date: 2014-07-13 14:44:15

Social media is a great way for the public to show their support for or against what they believe contravene their ideologies or moral standards. Sadly it is no match for paid organized manipulation as per what we are witnessing today on Facebook in regards to Israel’s massacre in Gaza. Thousands of paid students and volunteers are working 24 hours a day, around the clock and posting what at first appears like the other side of the story, only for it to evolve in personal attacks on anyone who disagrees with the Israeli position.

Anyone who posts regularly in the comments section of online news us familiar with them, even if they don’t know the signs and symptoms.
Check this tool-kit from the We Believe in Israel Website (made by BICOM). Before I continue rather than repeat a well-researched article I will post a must read article called “A Guide to HASBARA TROLLS” by JONATHAN BLAKELEY

Let me steal from Jonathan, it will allow you to recognize these trolls in a heartbeat.


1. Supreme point of view

2. The Hasbara troll knows best

3. Condescending & Patronising

4. Socialist (Smart and ‘caring’)

5. Do not have to be Jewish but Pro-Israel

6. Internet experts

7. Narcissistic

8. Provocative

9. Dis-ruptive

10. Like to ask the questions, not answer questions

11. Control freaks

12. Inflamed by anyone being critical of Israel

13. ‘Moral’ Guardians

14. Classic insults: Anti-semite, Neo- Nazi, White Supremacist, Holocaust denier

15. Adept with social networks well trained on IT


Other very important articles are these ones from the mainstream American Press,  Israel to pay students to defend it online (USATODAY) and  Israel To Pay Students For Pro-Israeli Social Media Propaganda (TheHuffingtonPost.com)


OK, now that we have identified what is unfair use of social media, what can we do about it? Actually on Facebook it’s quite easy, these trolls want you to stop posting, they want you to give up, to surrender in disgust. Here is the good news, they cannot fight what they cannot see, however everyone else can see what your comments are. If you have a troll, before you post a link to or explain to others how to get rid of trolls, use the Facebook Ban, just keep banning everyone that argues with you, after a while they won’t even see you posting.

Better yet, before posting find the trolls, and ban every one of them, so they will never see what you posted. Ban as many as you can find, there are hundreds of them but eventually you will be hidden from most of the worst trolls.

How do you know what they are posting? Well that is important too, simply borrow a Facebook account or have a second one just for reading what these organized mobsters are doing. Don’t kid yourself into believing they don’t use multiple Facebook accounts, they do, but you can block everyone that posts. In time by sharing the content or link to this article you will put a big dent into their online offensive behavior. The best way to defeat them is to let everyone know that these are not simply legitimate opinions but rather they are paid to do online warfare by an evil regime.

Please send me feedback, or post suggestions in our feedback, and for trolls, don’t even think I will post your replies, do that on your own dime on your own website.

Below is the Troll Toolkit for Israeli Trolls, no joke, this is really social media warfare. The following PDF may be copyrighted material and we are bringing it to you without profit for educational purposes.

So face it, I don’t give a damn if Israeli Trolls don’t like it being exposed to public scrutiny, its Fair Use by law.

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