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I have always wondered when FREE SPEECH will come to a grinding halt, so let’s see if they will have this website pulled down as well? If you have any doubt you better educate yourself as to the “ABSOLUTE POWER” Israel imposes on the world. There are signs everywhere, our personal freedoms are at stake.

So many time I have heard in comments by people using Facebook as social media that you cross the red line if you refuse to agree with the Israeli right to exterminate Palestinians, we put it to the test and have come to our own conclusion, keep reading.

it seems to be that as long as you say anything opposing the extermination of Palestinians in private conversations, its perfectly OK, however when you post it as a comment under a news media story, you will get attacked by a lot of Hasbara Trolls. These people work full time and are paid to attack you, even to point of trying to friend you, so they can post to your timeline, to target your friends list in an effort to discredit you, since that date I never allowed anyone to post to my timeline on Facebook. They don’t screen capture what you said, they fabricate what you said in order to incite your friends to hate you.

Is there a link between who controls Facebook and Hasbara Trolls? Let have a look, Zuckerberg was born in 1984 in White Plains, New York. He is the son of Karen (née Kempner), a psychiatrist, and Edward Zuckerberg, a dentist. His ancestors came from Germany, Austria and Poland. He and his three sisters, Randi, Donna, and Arielle, were brought up in Dobbs Ferry, New York, a small Westchester County village about 21 miles north of Midtown Manhattan. Zuckerberg was raised Jewish and became a Bar Mitzvah when he turned 13.  Now I ask the same question again, is it a coincidence, or by design?

This does not mean Jewish people are all bad, in fact most are probably good, and would agree with most of what I have written, there is a massive difference between being Jewish and being a Zionist, its the latter that is pure poison.

I wrote an article in the past on these “beasts” or “trolls” take your pick as to what you wish to call them, I will dig it up and re-post it in the next day or so.

OK Now on to what I said that got me a month suspension.

The article was on the Canada’s Global news feed, and the topic was about the conflict in Palestine.

I made a comment I wrote “I understand why, what the Nazi’s did to Jews was evil, what I do not understand is why the ethnic cleansing in Palestine is any different. In my books they are both a holocaust and both are evil

I got a reply by a guy using an Israeli flag as his icon (Facebook picture) who replied, “How can you compare the killing of 3 million Jews to only 100 thousand Palestinians

My reply was “You have to be pretty demented to look at it that way

That was it, all that was said, but not all was said about that guy. I looked at his profile page and it said he was from Toronto, and his profession is university teacher, his words not mine. Then looking at his timeline all his recent photos are in Israel, not one photo in his albums had a picture that was Canadian.

This came as no surprise to me, that when I opened Facebook this morning, the first message read that a comment I made was removed as it was in violation of their user agreement, next getting a message saying I was given a 30-day suspension from Facebook was not a shock either. Not the first and most likely not the last time, I don’t silence that easy.

This is what I get when I try to post, intentionally aggravating because it looks like you can post, you can read everything still, but you cannot reply, not even in private messages.

One thing you will notice if you try how many times you will get a friend request by some gorgeous woman from the USA (if your a male posting) who want to be your new next best friend, as sure sign you hit a nerve and now they want revenge. Naturally the request comes from a person who has no or just a few friends. Never except friend requests from people you don’t already know.

Over the years I have seen a lot of racism, bigotry, violence in images, cruelty to animals in images, and even if you report it to Facebook, they always tell you its not a violation of their policies, unless its about Israeli, Jews or Zionists, then it’s a violation and suspension if you oppose what they want the public to see. The Zionist Media Army runs Facebook.

I should mention also at this time Israel also owns Viber, and everything you say can be held against you, the world still has free speech, unless its about Israel.

Now I fully understand when they say Facebook is making itself irrelevant and the younger generation considers Facebook the social media for old people, its a self inflicted death by censorship.

Now what can we do about it?

Well hit them where it hurts most, advertising revenue. Use both Ad Blocker and Facebook Purity.

Is F.B. Purity Safe?


Absolutely! F.B. Purity has been around since 2009, its one of the top 150 highest user rated Firefox extensions (out of a total of over 11,000 extensions) has over 411,000 happy users and has also received glowing reviews from big media companies including The Washington Post, CNET and PCWorld. If you need further proof FBP is completely safe, see the test result gallery.

BTW don’t try share this link on your Facebook, they have it banned as well.

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