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Its sad that Facebook does not pay more attention to cyberbullies and cyber stalkers. Facebook made it possible for people to use Facebook to comment on news articles, however they also included the ability for people to have a discussion, or goes the theory.

I have read hundreds of comments, that were commented on, and the vast majority of the replies to a comment are trolls or cyber bullies, and a much smaller number of people who post in appreciation of what was posted.

More disconcerting is how so many of them turn into personal attacks, going to the writers personal page, then replying based on if your old, young, fat, or skinny, black, brown, yellow, dressed rich, dressed poor. The really sad part about many of these cyberbullies is when you check their profiles, when you get past the kids (adults still not grown up) some claim to be businessmen, others university graduates, and I have even seen appalling comments from Canadian University professors.

It makes you what they teach in university, the art of cyberbullying?

Then you have those who see politics much as a sporting event where their team is perfect the other is pure evil, there are so few out there who still believe in a choice between right and wrong as opposed to left and right, and they are willing to slander anyone who does not agree, bullying in a nutshell.

Sometimes a great idea from Facebook needs modifications, just allow people to comment, most of the trolls never post comments themselves, they just snipe at those who do, as if its some kind of new in thing hobby. The idea in the first place was to get feedback from the public, not a pissing match by those who have other thoughts on the matter. My advise to Facebook would be ditch the secondary reply on media comments and add the thumbs down for those who feel the need to dislike a comment.

As far as age groups are concerned, the vast majority are kids still wet behind the ears, I wonder if its our education system that makes them so rude, and so vulgar? Maybe its the way so many of our university graduates post their comments. That they are an absolute authority on everything and everyone else is stupid.

There is one consolation, that is Facebook allows you to block millions of people, but my bet is if you block the first 1000, you will probably be blocking 90% of them. They are your obsessive trolls, who do it as an obsession.

  • Tips on dealing with Facebook trolls – Never reply until after you have blocked them
  • Never let Trolls win by removing your comment, or descending into the dirty dribble they wish to draw you into. Ban them, then make a civilized reply, that way they look stupid, not you.
  • Also it will backfire if you threaten to ban them, don’t be afraid to ban idiots, it won’t take more than a thousand bans to get rid of 90% of them.
  • Last but not least, the more people that comment, the more they move your comment to the most popular, so in a way they are helping you pass your message to more people.

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