Jan 272018

Must be one of those days where I am contemplating out loud and wonder if other Canadians also have noticed or asked the same questions.

There was a time when 99% of the criminals in our jails were either white guys or Indians, but you’re not allowed to say Indians any more, the politically correct term was aboriginals, now upgraded to First Nations.

The Canadian Government still counts aboriginals but not other nationalities, why?

Note, they do not count people who commit a crime, but only those serving a sentence.

Is asking realty racist to count criminals by ethnic origin? Or is it a coverup with the object of importing votes?

I really am not as concerned about how many aboriginals are in jail, or how many have committed a crime, because the object of my question is if or not we are importing criminals into Canada.

Am I the only one who has noticed there is no number given on immigrants in jail for committing crimes listed by nationality, as there are still with aboriginals, why? What are they hiding?

Over the last decade, look at the number of elected politicians who were arrested and convicted for committing a crime. Looking at the names, they sure look like you can narrow the majority of them down to just a few countries.

Then look at all the violent crimes over the past decade, again looking for what country the worst offenders come from, we don’t have to be racist about statistics, statistics are not racist, nor are facts.

Would Canadians be as supportive of immigration from nations that provide the vast majority of crooks, swindlers, and violent criminals?

Canadians have a right to know, why the secrecy? We see the names in the press almost every day, and they sure look like they come from just a few countries.

I deliberately named no nationality to prove my point, yet I bet most people who read this can pick the primary country they come from just by reading the news.


Thanks for having taken the time to read what I have shared with you,  
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