Jan 112018

Step aside for the Holy Cyclist

In this rant I will have to admit its not only ICBC that is stupid, the problem originates from the same place most problems on earth originate, in a courtroom by a judge playing the role of the wise/est man, after all who outranks a judge in a litigation case?

As an old fart who is very picky about safe driving, and one that does not mind teaching others how to drive safely (defensive driving), you can imagine my absolute disbelief when a student failed a test because they did not do the right hand shoulder check at a stop sign, before turning right into another street.

No we are not talking about streets in cities with bike lanes.


No were are above the law, we don’t need to wear helmets or follow road rules.

NO, we are supposed to shoulder check, for the IDIOT who is passing you on the inside (between your car and the curb) and has NO intention of stopping at the stop sign.

So let’s look at what this law is really saying to cyclists. While ICBC touts its “Share the Road” it does not mean the cyclists have to follow the rules of the road, if they were to apply the rules of the road, then the cyclist would stop behind you, as you the driver are required to do behind them if they get to the stop sign first.

Even if you consider they use the space beside the curb and the road, if they stop at the stop sign, and arrived after you, should they not be required to stop? If they are required to stop, does this not make the rear right-hand check redundant, and make it an increased distraction from the real hazards the roads have?

Now we have to add another scenario here.

You pull over to the side of the road, its your responsibility as a driver to make sure your passenger does not get out? You the driver must do a right-hand shoulder checked, to make sure some idiot on a bike is not going to hammer your car door?

This applies to both sides of your car, but the rule is automatically reverses if your driving, then as a driver you must insure you don’t hit the person getting out of the car. Funny thing it’s the car drivers responsibility all of the time and the cyclists responsibility none of the time.

All of this because some idiot awarded with the right to play God, decided this would be the law in British Columbia, where do they find these stupid idiots?

When I grew up, the rules of riding a bike were simple, it was called common courtesy, you did not obstruct cars moving faster than yourself (now they can legally) we never wore earphones blasting 90 decibels of sound or more into our ears, we were never so stupid as to pass on the inside between car and curb, if we had to ride the sidewalk we respected those who walked by using a bell or horn when coming up from behind. When we went by a parked car, we were always watching for a door opening, or made sure there was enough room in between.

Now the cyclist has reached the sacred cow status, they can do no wrong, be it where elderly people walk, or on trails for walking, or on hiking trails, or on the road for cars, all step aside for the HOLY CYCLISTS. Thank God, we don’t have to kneel for them when they go by.

What is this world coming to?

Are we really living in a Age of STUPID?

Thanks for having taken the time to read what I have shared with you,  
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