Oct 072017

I used to buy a lot on Ebay, often I would spend more there than in local stores, only to find repeatedly Ebay supported crooks that have high sales, because its more profitable to scam people than be honest with them.

I have often thought about making a list of all their dirty trick and deals, but ended up thinking Ebay isn’t worth that much time.

Today’s rant is about how Ebay helps liars deal with how long you have to wait to get your order before you can file a claim for money back. It used to be waiting two weeks was plenty of time for a package to arrive, but now products advertise how long it will take to ship, and the very second that you hit paid, the time is extended by a few more weeks.

That is not the seller doing this, its Ebay doing this.

See attached proof. Note also Cree digital lighting is a theft of a brand name, however Ebay is way too profitably blind to notice.
Now look here at the same item once bought.
Do the math! Ebay is doing this on every order, they add time to the publicly advertised delivery time. October 7th is 41 days, so after paying Ebay added 14 more days before you can file a claim.

So Ebay made it a 55 day waiting period, damn near 2 months in the mail, are you kidding me?

Now Ebay also has a rule if you are not happy with the product, you can send it back, It will only take about 5 days to get back by using the required registerd mail, and it will only cost you around hundred dollars to send it back to get your refund of $5.58 Canadian.

Would it not be fair to say Ebay exemplifies the definition of SCAM?

Are they hoping that if you wait long enough you will simply forget and forfeit your claim for a refund?

Ebay has itself to thank than I now spend up to 10 Thousand a year at Best Buy, as opposed to Ebay

Not to mention I have opened up an account with Amazon Canada, they really are chasing their customers away, and all I can say is, it’s well deserved.

Thanks for having taken the time to read what I have shared with you,  
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