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As we age some of us become complacent, and fall into a routine that could be called a rut, then something or someone comes along and you have no choice but to rebuild life all over again, so what better way to do that then fly halfway around the world, and leave the old life behind?

We flew halfway around the world to discover a whole new perspective on problems, issues and excitement, so over the next 2 to 3 years, yes we plan to stay that long, you will be reading more stories as seen through my eyes about issues here in the Philippines as well as international, plus some reflections on whats going on in Canada, my home and native land. (well not really, it was stolen by immigrants)

At least our national anthem in humor reflects who the land really belongs to.

So on with it, what is the addiction of expats to the Philippines? Almost 1/3 of the people living in the compound I live in are expats with filipina partners. Why are they all coming here to the PI, what makes some stay and visa versa.


Were all Americans.

In this blog entry, were going to look at expats from our neighbors, the “Americans”. God I hate using that word because both Mexicans and Canadians and a total of 55 counties that have the right to the name Americans. So what do you call people from the USA? USians?

They are a great nation, and a powerful one as well, and they are very much, just like us in Canada, other than the cooler air may have a cooling effect on our temperament.

After reading and hearing stories of so many American expats in the last few years, many leave because they cannot afford to stay in the USA. Sad because most of those here gave their lives in service to a military career.

It makes me wonder also how people can be so blind to cause and effect, most ex-military men are also Republican (but not all) and almost in all cases they blame spending money on social benefits as the sole cause of their poverty.


Blinded in the name of Patriotism

I think it becomes a mindset that’s so set, that they think its a form of betrayal to consider capitalism might be the root cause of their problems.

If only they could take their blinders off long enough to see Capitalism does not equal “liberty and freedom” but in fact capitalism is the drain that sends societies retirement funds into the pockets of the greedy people who run and own the Republican political machine.

Its not about God, or country, or freedom, its about serving the rich, and sacrificing all for the rich, who might not necessarily even be American.

Globalization is the right for a few people to plunder the world, disguised as a harmless sheep, who is now allowed outside its fence to roam in freedom all over the world.

So sad that humans close their eyes to what they do to each other and even to themselves.

So sad that humans close their eyes to what they do to each other and even to themselves.

While we watch we gasp at the poverty in third world nations, yet these Republicans are hell bent on destroying unions, standards of living, by using (transferring) work from the USA to people who get paid less than the cost of living, and that’s the reality of the “freedom” of competition for the rich.

So if your in the PI because you cannot afford to retire in the USA, I say shame on your government, shame on the stupidity of the people who keep electing those who care so little about the people who served, and or gave their lives for their country.

They have you waving the flag so hard, you miss the fact its for them, not for your country.

Thanks for having taken the time to read what I have shared with you,  
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