Apr 182016

Recently I have been reading about a group of mayors who think the answer to municipal problems is collecting on the carbon tax. What a bunch of ignorant and self-centered fools. Are you forgetting or is it by design and intent that northern communities have the least chance of ever seeing transit as an alternative means of transportation, they already pay the highest food prices, with the worst selection for quality. toon

Adding insult to injury is the stupid majors in the north that support such idiocy, just because they can ride a bike to the majors office, does not mean everyone can ride a bike to work, your punishing the very people who keep this country running!

If you really want to be good and fair, then let those who do not have access to alternate transportation, give them a tax break, let them deduct the cost of fuel to get to work from their overall taxes. Likewise charge the people in the north the least for fuel, not the most, and by charging the most you also get taxed the most, carbon tax included.

If you really want to stand up for your resource communities, stop airlines from gold digging the prices of flights, stop making it cheaper to drive an SUV to Vancouver as compared to public transit. Why is it in private profit hands in the first place?

Why not replace Greyhound with BC owed buses that pay fair wages, and charge based on cost as opposed to maximum profit.

Why not have a BC owned airlines, based on cost, as opposed to profit?

If you care so much about our environment, why do we have a fine for littering that’s close to 50 years old?

Why not have a $1.00 return deposit on all cans bottles, disposable fast food containers, because it will not cost anything more if you give 100% back when it’s returned?

Why not change the littering fine to 50 Thousand dollars minimum, for anyone intentionally littering, anywhere not just on highways?

The whole idea was never intended to be a tax fundraiser for local politicians, but it appears it’s a candy bag they cannot resist. You get to tax the public and blame it on the provincial government, and doing it in the name of protecting the environment, complete hypocrisy.

If you want to find funds, then remove the TAX SUBIDIES to the fossil fuel industry, here you are punishing the public, and allowing carbon tax to be a tax deduction for industry, plus giving the same industry a bonus for operating.

Canada Subsidizes the Fossil Fuel Industry by $2.7 Billion Every Year. Where Does That Money Go?

It’s time to get real, your elected by the people for the people, not for doing exactly what corporations want you to do, is let the public pay the tab on Carbon Tax.

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