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Recall that not so long ago we were given this news “BC Hydro rates to increase 28 per cent over 5 years” that was only 2 years ago, was it a coincidence that it came on the heels of another story, namely this one “Vaughn Palmer: ‘Surprise’ BC Hydro cost overruns hard to believe, with execs part of premier’s inner circle

Then in 2015 when they opened the Northwest Transmission Line the real cost went to $736 million almost double what they declared when they budgeted for this project. Thus BC Hydro runs a deficit that we the taxpayers have to make up in increased prices.

Seriously you have to be elected to get away with being a criminal

Seriously you have to be elected to get away with being a criminal

Now who are the benefactors of this transmission line? Potential users will be (all mines by the way) Red Chris, KSM, Klappan, Snowfields, Schaft Creek, Galore Creek, Bronson Slope, GJ (Kinaskan), Golden Bear, Turnagain.

Now don’t forget that Red Chris told the BC Government that it won’t proceed without the line, it’s also the same company who set a new record in tailing pond disasters and got away with it. See “No Fines, No Charges Laid for Mount Polley Mine Disaster” Let me quote from that article “The incident, considered one of the worst mining disasters in Canadian history, was simply the result of “poor practices,” according to B.C. chief inspector of mines, Al Hoffman, and not due to “non-compliances.”

99 percent of NTL’s electrical usage will come from industry, the BC Government is pork barreling the public to pay the energy expenses of mining and energy companies and hidden into BC Hydro rates hikes.

Business rates are $0.1073 per kWh

Your household rate is set at $0.0797 per kWh for first 1,350 kWh in an average two month billing period (22.1918 kWh per day) with the average household in BC Hydro’s service area uses about 11,000 kWh per year. So as you can see the pork barreling rates applied to the rich, while the working and poor pay almost 20 times as much business pays, showing that citizens are once again footing the bill for the rich.

Now if that’s not enough pigs at the tough, then look what the BC Government is now suggesting. Hydro break proposed for struggling mines

“The B.C. government is considering a payment deferral program for mines’ electrical bills, to help keep mines running during an extended slump in metal and coal prices.

Energy and Mines Minister Bill Bennett is taking a proposal to cabinet that would allow mines to defer a portion of the BC Hydro bills, with repayment to begin when prices of copper and other mineral commodities reach a certain stage.”

Now let’s take a look at another price we the taxpayer paid, to say this act is despicable is an understatement, it should be criminal what the BC Government did.

Nearly 90 percent of the trees cut to create the right-of-way for the NTL were burned. BC Hydro reports that 495,000 cubic metres of timber were cut for the project, making it one of BC’s biggest logging operations in 2012. Of this, 56,000 cubic metres were sold and a whopping 439,000 cubic metres—equivalent to 14,000 logging trucks loads—were burned. Residents as far away as Terrace noticed the smoke. Read the original story here.

This at a time when the BC Government is closing sawmills due to a shortage of timber. Quesnel, Houston sawmills to close permanently. The timber burned if used could have kept the sawmill in Houston running for another 2 years, wasting millions of dollars and destroying many people’s lives while at the same time bragging about the jobs created building the NTL.

It’s not about serving the public, it’s about serving pigs at the feeding station at the expense of the general public.

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