Jan 152016

We can’t even call them Liberals, they hijacked the political party, they are simply put the same team of thugs that hijacked the Social Credit Party, and I am sure they will simply change jackets if they get tossed out in the next election. They have nothing in common with the federal liberals, yet appear to be clones of the Harper dynasty.

BC Liberal party

BC Liberal Party

Likewise they used the same tactics to get re-elected, namely selling fear, get the public so paranoid they don’t dare to change leadership, and while elected steal everything that belongs to the public.

Back to back we hear only one major theme in the news, its better known as “were going to charge you more for everything”.

Let’s take a closer look.

BC Medicare

B.C. is the only province in Canada that still charges a flat rate health tax.

Did you know if you earned a million dollars a month, you will pay the same monthly fee for BC Medicare as someone who earns 30 Thousand Dollars per year? The BC Government upped the rate by 6% in 2010, now they are going to up the rate by 3.5 and it’s a nonnegotiable amount, as Economist Jon Kesselman put it a few years ago, let me quote.

Kesselman described these payments as a “head tax” since they must be paid regardless of income, with only those in the lower income brackets receiving partial or full relief. “In the [net] mid $20,000 [per-year income], the lower $30,000, they phase out this premium assistance,” Kesselman explained. “Above the $30,000 range, it is a head tax.

What can you do about it? Two things click on the links and sign these 2 petitions

It’s time for B.C. to Scrap MSP Premiums

Abolish MSP premiums in BC


Part One – BC Medicare
Part Two – BC Hydro
Part Three – BC Food Prices
Part Four – BC Home Heating LNG

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