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Here is another article that still as true today and it was when it was originally written in October 19th 2012.

In reality Ebay is very guilty of aiding and abetting the counterfeit industry in China and rakes in millions of dollars each year as profits from what government tells us is criminal activity. Since we originally posted this Ebay continues to allow them to use Nikon images, but in the fine print its a play of words, where they say (for Nikon) and in the item specifics it now say “generic”.

It should be noted we are using Nikon only as one example, this problem is rampant in every brand name sold in all G7 nations.

It blows my mind when you see a company like EBay work as the doorway for illicit fakes which are illegal in Canada and the USA. Reporting them to EBay is an absolute waste of time, because based on all the items I have seen where people report the items as counterfeit, EBay simply ignores the complaints.

Does Ebay know about these counterfeit goods? Sure they do, they even have pages on their website that talk about it, too bad for everyone who buys through EBay before reading this page.[i] But hey look at the number of suckers who unknowingly imported counterfeit goods! Look at the number of sales these people who live in China, ship from China, and some even get away with pretending they live in the USA or Canada.[ii]

If you scan through electronics sold in Canada or the USA you will find hundreds of thousands of complaints, and thousands of those are about imitation goods, goods using the label of a brand name to sell junk under the disguise of the real deal.[iii]


This one is real, but very hard to tell apart from a fake, the embossed foil is the difference.

The image is of a genuine Nikon Battery; however the seller is selling fakes as shown in the other images, including the response from the official Nikon website in Canada.

All one has to do is look at all the crap coming in from China, and many that have the brazen balls to claim they are being sold out of Canada, are in fact in China, contrary to EBay’s own rules. [iv] Yet you look at the feedback and people have posted clearly that these operators are actually in China. But does EBay care? Hell no, they are making money hand over fist, so why should they care; they did not do it they just run a website that profits from these crimes.

They are even allowing these fakes to be imported into Canada, labeled like the real deal and sold as genuine right here in Canada. [v]

However if you try bring home brand name cloths from the third world nation, the shit will hit the fan when you go through customs. All these fake products have to come through customs but for some reason (hmmmmm) customs allows all counterfeit products coming in from China via Ebay.

In the USA they have Custom officials have threatened new immigrants with deportation orders for wearing counterfeit clothing!

The image is of a genuine Nikon Battery; however the seller is selling fakes as shown in the other images, including the response from the official Nikon website in Canada.

China’s economy is booming, why? Because they are taking advantage of our brand names and flooding our markets with counterfeit goods.[vi]


But alas, we have a Prime Minister who goes out of his way to help bring this garbage into Canada![vii]

How the hell Mr. Harper can you translate selling off our resources and in turn flooding our markets with junk job creation?

Yet how much fuss have we seen recently in regards to websites like Pirate Bay[viii] or isoHunt [ix], where the music and movie industry are up in arms over so called piracy. And these people are not even profiting from selling anything, their guilt is somehow wrapped up in sharing a product that has already been sold.

Obviously it’s not about piracy; it’s not about counterfeit goods, it’s all about whom pays the bills of those people who hold elected office. Hell if we got every person in North America together and all gave 5 bucks to either the president of the USA or Prime Minister of Canada they would overnight sees fit to legalize piracy.

China has become the primary threat to our Canadian way of life, these same bastards who are now stealing our jobs from our mines by shipping in their own labor force, are also flooding our markets with cheap copies of our own products putting our manufactures out of business. [x]

Official response from Nikon Canada in regards to the images above being sold out of China.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Heck Communist China does not care about their own people, what would make anyone think they give a crap about Canadians, they are buying up our resources, and never forget two things, those are our jobs we are exporting, and without those resources we cannot make products the entire world needs.

China has demanded they want our resource’s, they don’t give a shit about our environment, so Harper obeys by gutting our laws, they don’t care about Canadian jobs, so Harper opens the doors and let Chinese labour in, China don’t give a shit about our economy, so they flood it with their junk, and get this Harper waves the Chinese flag and kisses Mr. Chairman’s ass and says ok, take what you want.

Worse yet is that Harper has the brazen audacity to tell us it’s good for us, and is ready to fire any expert who dares to provide evidence that contradicts the best interests of China.

Ebay allws them to brag about how many people bought them, then click on the link to verify and this is what you see. These are very likely all fake sales.

Ebay allows them to brag about how many people bought them, then click on the link to verify and this is what you see. These are very likely all fake sales.

Are we going to allow Harper to enslave us our children and our grandchildren with his contracts to live up to China’s demands? Will we allow Harper to destroy Canada? Are we going to allow a political party who cheated to get elected[xi], and even with cheating as a consideration, still only acquired 39% of our vote?

When will we the people say bullshit, you’re not our elected dictator, you did not win the right to do what you’re doing and what you’re doing is unadulterated treason against Canada’s citizens.


Thus we pray “Dear God, why did you allow us to become so stupid, that when we (Canadians) had it all we gave it all away and chose to live as the slaves of China?”[xii]


Added Note: The images used for this example are Nikon products, however damn near every product under the sun is being replicated (junk) and being sold to Canadians as genuine goods. It makes you wonder if the mainstream media does not have shares in EBay or in the companies that make or sell this junk. Do your own research on Ebay and you will find EBay is guilty as hell with both their hands covering their eyes and easy while smiling and listening to the till roll the money in.



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