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2012 we saw two deadly sawmill explosions that cost the lives of at least 4 men in the span of a few months. This was all followed by what is now called botched investigations, a useless WCB who has never had any intentions of doing anything outside of the marching orders of our dirty Liberal Party that concerns itself with profits, not deaths.

All one has to do is Google for information about these explosions to realize that the government is part and parcel complicit in insuring that sawmills do not get charged for laws they break.

It makes me sick to my stomach, but the dirty deals never seem to come to an end, it’s not just corrupt Liberals, its corrupt judges, corrupt WCB officials, corporations, and scratching each other back to make sure that the rich get richer, and the poor bury their dead as their own problem.

Getting to the point of yet another scandal almost neatly swept under the table, and nobody in the mainstream press is awake enough, or cares enough to cover the story.

OK yes, it’s all hearsay, and I did not confirm it with the parties involved, but after telling you the story you will understand it’s very simple and easy to verify as authentic or not.

The public was told that the WCB cares so much about this problem that there are going to check all sawmills in BC, to see if they are in compliance. Funny the press did not check to see how they actually carried this out.

Now here is where another very dirty little secret rears its ugly head, sawmills across BC were asked to sign papers saying that they have been doing the proper cleaning of sawmills, and guess who asked? It was the same WCB who said the two sawmill explosions could have been prevented had they followed the dust removal guidelines.

Now you would think the WCB would insure that if they had the means to prove sawmills were not compliant, or if sawmills lied about the paperwork they were submitting, that they would use every power of their mandate to file charges against violating companies.

Now oddly enough WCB had the ability to file charges against one of the largest sawmill companies in BC, namely West Fraser Timber Co Ltd, who ordered (not asked) their maintenance supervisors to sign documents stating they were following WCB guidelines. (Even if they were not following them!)

Now here is where WCB had the chance to prove it, but stuck its head under a large pile of sawdust instead. West Fraser Timber Co Ltd fired one of their maintenance managers for refusing to lie to the WCB., now the only reason we know that is because the employee took West Fraser to court, where West Fraser Timber Co Ltd lawyer proved that he was ordered to act on behalf of the company, and that by refusing to lie for them he was justly fired.

Now listen up, because these facts have to be on file somewhere in BC, probably in a courtroom, where the judge agreed with West Fraser Timber Co Ltd, that the employee was delinquent to his duty to serve his master, I mean his boss at West Fraser Timber Co Ltd . Here you have a judge, who should be publicly flogged for dereliction of duty to the citizens of this province, defending the almighty dollar against people who speak the truth. The judge clearly is complicit with the den of thieves, and even murder, had anyone died because of this out of control government and legal system.

The WCB cannot escape pretending it did not know or hear about a man fired for refusing to sign documents that lied about dust control at West Fraser Timber Co Ltd, who in fact shut down its cleanup of dust as a cost cutting measure.

I wonder if they would fire all of their employees who are willing to testify that is what West Frazer Mills really did, and do we have such an insane legal system that they would defend West Fraser’s right to do this?

The employee was stuck in the back a second time when this same insane judge ordered costs of over 70 Thousand against the fired employee, to add insult to injury.

So the bottom line is it’s about corporate profits, please stop insulting the citizens of this province by suggesting government, WCB, judges, care about the explosions in sawmills, the only part they care about is the loss to corporate profits.

Thanks for having taken the time to read what I have shared with you,  
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