Dec 292015

I have been a fan of Sony for decades, today I am losing faith faster than a sinking Titanic.

Sony listen up, unless you want people to buy from your competition, you will have to try harder to make it less impossible for those who buy from you, to be able to ask questions, even dumb questions.

You have to have a customer service that is designed for the computer geeks and Sony fanatics that have thousands of hours on their hands to sift through the thousands of pages of information you have.

99.9 % of those who pay for your products don’t have that kind of time on their hands to waste.

sony_fdr_x1000v_4k_action_cam_1109328Yes your answers might be online, it appears it’s far too expensive to hire a human to answer people’s questions. I bought a Sony FDR-X1000V instead of a Go Pro, and let me tell you there is nothing wrong with my unit that I am aware of other than I cannot find a single human being who works for Sony who can answer my questions.

But consider what I paid for it, I deserve answers, and not via thousands of hours of online searching.

If you do have a human who does this, why are you spending so much keeping that person hidden?

Had I of known before buying that you folks only sell, and never tell, us what we’re asking, I would never buy another piece of electronics from you. I chose the Sony FDR-X1000V but if I would have known getting answers is harder than extracting teeth out of an alligator I would have bought a Go Pro.

Did you know I have spent close to 40 thousand on products from Sony over the past 40 years? The main reason was quality, reliability, warranty, and service.

Did “customer service” retire?

Right now I really regret buying this excellent camera, because I cannot find a single reference to where I can ask simple questions from a human. Every search I do ends up with a preprogramed answering page, and I am not even computer illiterate, I could only in all honesty tell people don’t by Sony, its run by folks from outer space who don’t communicate with humans.

Oh Sony, just so you know I did not write this to get a reply, I wrote this on behalf of the human race who really like dealing with other humans when they spend lots of money buying their products.

Thanks for having taken the time to read what I have shared with you,  
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