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drunk-bumYears ago I wrote an article about how society, or some within it feel this obsession to be kind, sweet and generous to those among us who live in the streets, better known off the record as a drunken bums, and on the record as our homeless people.

Now forgive me if it sounds a bit arrogant to say this, but part of the reason for this behavior by those seasonal do-gooders is probably guilt. The second is they themselves have never really experienced genuine abject poverty. They have never experienced what many refugees have experienced, but remember the refugees are the ones who escaped, so they never experienced or watched those with zero opportunities, no hope in hell, and working extreme hours just for one very horrid meal.

Ah but yes, serving those who are least among us, yes that line comes to mind, but do we every really do that? The season when we waste more money in one month, than these people get to spend in a year, is that what is driving our guilt?

Throwing money at the problem might fix your guilt, but it does not fix the problem, the problem is simple, but until you’re willing to remove the blinders from your mind, the problem will continue, and both drunks and drug addicts will continue to die, and homelessness is only a small part of the reason for their deaths.

The problem is we legalized the right to be a drunk, we legalized the right to be an addict, we did it to protect ourselves, because we all fear that one day if life goes wrong, we want to reserve the right to become an addict.


Seriously give your heads a shake, if we want to fix the problem, we need to help the addicts in our society, and we need to change the laws so that they don’t reserve the right to stay addicted.

Most of the homeless people, are so by way of a direct personal choice, bad decisions that they and only they control. You can’t help them by throwing gifts at them once a year, or even feeding them because you are doing what is called “enabling them” to their vice, to their addiction.

If you really want to help them, get them into a facility that locks them up, and looks after them, and teaches them how to live a life of sobriety. But wait a minute, I know we can’t do that because of our own fears, that someday we will be denied the right to become an addict.

So if you really enjoyed Christmas, or any other name given for this winter season of celebration, consider making it a resolution to push politicians into changing the law, so that we do protect the least among us, who have crashed their own lives to a point they have become our homeless, and bury their sorrows in alcohol, lysol, crystal meth and the many other ways of trying to hide what their minds don’t want to remember.

Get them help, change the law.

Thanks for having taken the time to read what I have shared with you,  
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