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Good news folks, I have received so many private messages overr the past year in regards to the role the JLS Report played in today’s crazy world, we decided to bring the JLS Report back because you said you wanted it back, we tried working with a new concept but the lack of privacy stood it its way, too much risk for family and friends, so this website was the obvious solution.

We shut it down for personal reasons, but as they say, life never stops, nor does the evil in this world, and they win when we stop.


Our logo from our retired website


Yes there is a ton of work in setting up the sites look and feel, it well under way and will be ready for the new year.

In January we will start adding our thoughts, both political and otherwise, for primarily Canada, and also the Philippines, as well as thoughts on world events.

It will differ somewhat to the original website as we will not be working on political campaigns but rather observing them and reporting what we find. We did fight some major wars here against the Enbridge Pipeline, the HST as well as some other battles, and hey we won those fights. The little guy, you and me have more power than they would like us to think. We stood together, we fought, and we won.

It will also differ with a brand new look and feel.

We won’t bring back many of the old articles, because they are already old, we will however use the same writing style, ‘No holds barred’ as per how it used to be’.

Wishing you all the best during this season of holidays.


Thanks for having taken the time to read what I have shared with you,  
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